Team Faith Race Report - Morden

July 2, 2009

The fourth round of the western motocross national series was in Morden, Manitoba. We always enjoy racing the national in Morden because of the friends there who support Team Faith, helping in every way possible. I would like to send a big thank you to everyone who helped us over the weekend.

Morden had a lot of rainfall Friday night and Saturday, leaving the track in less than suitable condition. So much rain in fact, that amateur day and pro practice were cancelled. However, the sun, wind and track workers did their best, making for a great day of racing come moto time on Sunday.

For the second time this season, we held a small bible study Saturday night. The media that we are using for this study is from a video series called Nooma. There is a short, 10 minute video that we follow with a study booklet. Kevin chose a video called Name – which deals with Identity as Christians. Sunday morning at the devotional, I talked about dealing with struggle. Rarely do we view difficult circumstances of life as statements of Jesus’ love for us. Struggle is something that we don’t like, but struggle is necessary in order to accomplish God’s destiny in our life. I spoke about how, in the struggle, God will give you a problem that infuriates you so that you may learn to solve that very problem.

This weekend, I double classed and raced all four motos. In MX2 moto one, I had a great jump off the cement pad, but chickening out and getting on the brakes far too early, I ended up with a poor start. One corner later, I got stuck behind a rider down in the mud. After that, I got going and just kept a safe consistent pace, not wanting to burn myself out in the first moto of the day. Slowly through the moto I passed guys, moving closer to the top 20 and into the points. On the last couple of laps, I moved from 21st position to 19th and finished there; I accomplished my goal of being inside the top 20.

In my first MX1 moto, I learned from my mistake in MX2 and held the gas on into the first turn longer, coming out of the first turn in the top 10. I tried running some fast first laps, but the faster riders got by me. I ran in 15th position for the race until one of the faster rider’s motor quit; I’m sure he wasn’t happy, but finishing in 14th position motivated me.

After having a good MX1 moto, I thought maybe I should save my energy for the final moto by skipping the second MX2. However, after talking things over with the team, I set my sights on finishing in the top 20 in both classes.

In the MX2 moto, all I wanted was a great start. I was seemingly accomplishing that going through the first turn in the top 10, so I thought to myself: “Great I don’t have to work as hard now”. That is when I went to get back on the gas after the turn; another rider rubbed me, putting my bike into neutral resulting in a crash. I worked to pass half of the field in order to reach the top 20. On the last lap, I was in 21st position and had a rider in my sights – ready to pass him, I got too excited and cart wheeled in some downhill braking bumps. The bike was still running and in good shape to ride, but a few riders got by and I finished in 23rd. Bummer!

My final race of the day was in MX1, I was happy to get a good start. Feeling a little burnt out from all the other races, I knew I had to be smart and try not to be overly aggressive. Slowly through the race, I moved backwards in my position, staying smart and finishing strong in 18th position.

In Kevin’s first MX1 moto had a top 10 start, holding onto 11th place for the finish.

During Kevin’s second moto, he had made a few passes; riding in 9th, gaining time on 8th place, he was doing well until he had a big crash. His bike was still running when he picked it up, immediately beginning his charge back to regain his position. The rider that Kevin was working to pass back was the same rider that he made the last corner pass on last weekend. Kevin was very close, almost making a repeat from last week, but finished behind in 10th.

The Monday after the race, we held a motocross training school at the track, taking in 10 riders. The track was left rough from the race, acting as a great training tool.

We now have a 2 week break until the next national round at Gopher Dunes, in Tillsonburg, Ontario.

A thank you to Team Faith’s supporting sponsors for the Canadian series: Western Power Sports, Fly Racing, Michelin Tires, Pilot Travel Centers, Canadian Kawasaki Motors, New-Way Motorsport, Two-Wheel Motorsport, Mainland Sand and Gravel, Boot Trucking, Wild west Fencing, A Vicious Cycle, RK Engine Works, Scott USA, JJW Designs, Silkolene Lubricants, Hot Cams, Hot Rods, Pivot Works, Factory Tech Suspension, Pro Circuit, RK Chains, QTM Brakes, Tag Metals, P-Lok, K& N Air Filters, Edward Jones Investments, Athena, PitsterPro, ARC levers and UFO plastic, Hinson, Contact Welding Supplies.