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Your Kawasaki powersports product is more than just a machine; it is an investment in unsurpassed engineering and technology. To protect your investment, consider a tailored protection plan with Kawasaki Protection Plus (KPP). 

As soon as the original factory warranty ends, Kawasaki Protection Plus takes over. Coverage includes manufacturing defects on almost all major components of your machine with unlimited mileage.

If any part covered by the KPP is found to have a manufacturing defect, Kawasaki will repair or replace it at no charge. And unlike some other extended warranty plans, you will not be hit by deductible fees for materials or repair time.

KPP could pay for itself and more: in the unlikely event of a breakdown, the time allotted for repairs or even the cost of parts could easily exceed the cost of the entire Plan.

KPP also comes with roadside assistance on street-legal models. Lost keys? Flat tire? Out of Gas? All included. Roadside assistance gets you and your Kawasaki back on the road in a safe and timely manner.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown, the time allotted for repair or even the cost of parts could easily exceed the cost of the entire Plan. Your extended warranty plan is transferable to the next owner, at no additional cost, which may increase your resale value. Please read the detailed product guides below for information on all the benefits you can get, all for just a few cents a day.

Our mission is to give riders optimal confidence in the high-performance powersport vehicles that Kawasaki produces. With every machine we develop, we strive to set next-level industry standards while equipping riders with state-of-the-art performance advantages offered only by Kawasaki.

KPP adds even more confidence and peace of mind knowing your powersport product will be covered for years after the warranty ends.


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No matter where you go or how far, Kawasaki's protection rides with you.


No surprises. No hidden fees. The entire cost of covered repairs are paid in full.


Kawasaki's protection program is transferable to next owner at no additional charge. This is a great selling point that adds to the resale value of your Kawasaki.


We designed your machine, we built it, and we can service it with our nation wide dealer network. The entire program is efficiently handled from start to finish exclusively by Kawasaki.


How much is your investment worth? How much is your peace of mind worth? How much is your time worth? If they're all important to you, only the coverage of Kawasaki's protection program can deliver. It's the program that goes the distance.