Team Faith Race Report - Calgary

June 18, 2009

Submitted by:  Josh Snider

Round two of the national series was held in Calgary, Alberta.  It was great to have all of our friends and family from Alberta hanging out with us and lending their support for the weekend.

In the devotional, I talked about bad investments – relating to how society puts so much time and effort on investing in things here on earth.  While all of eternity lies before us, our vision extends but a few decades.  I shared a parable from Luke 12:13-21 that tells about a rich man that had a fertile farm with great crops.  He planned to tear down his barns, build bigger ones and store up on goods for years to come so that he could sit back and relax.  God said to him, “You fool! You’ll die this very night. Then who will get everything you worked for?”  Do we try to maintain comfort and security for the next few decades, or know the security and incorruptible glory of eternity?

Our results this weekend were much better than last.  In my first moto, I had a poor start.  Avoiding down riders in the first turn, I made up some time in the first few laps.  Early in the moto, when I was in 22nd, I lost traction on the front tire and fell in a corner, stalling my bike. After getting back up, I fought my way back to 19th position.

In Kevin’s first moto, he had a great jump off the gate, coming around the first turn in a top 10 position.  He made a couple of passes right away, but got passed by a couple guys and finished 9th.

In the second moto, I again tried to avoid down riders in the first turn, forcing me to come to a complete stop.  I kept a consistent pace for the race, focusing on not making large mistakes.  I made it back into the top 20, finishing 18th.

Kevin’s second moto start was almost a holeshot; he was running in the top 3 for the first few laps, then back to 5th around the middle of the moto, finishing in 8th place.

Overall, we had a great weekend as a race team and ministry.  We are looking forward to another successful event next weekend in Edmonton!

Team Faith’s supporting sponsors for the Canadian series are:  Western Power Sports, Fly Racing, Michelin Tires, Pilot Travel Centers, Canadian Kawasaki Motors, New-Way Motorsport, Two-Wheel Motorsport, Mainland Sand and Gravel, Boot Trucking, Wild west Fencing, A Vicious Cycle, RK Engine Works, Scott USA, JJW Designs, Silkolene Lubricants, Hot Cams, Hot Rods, Pivot Works, Factory Tech Suspension, Pro Circuit, RK Chains, QTM Brakes, Tag Metals, P-Lok, K& N Air Filters, Edward Jones Investments, Athena, PitsterPro, ARC levers and UFO plastic, Hinson, Contact Welding Supplies.