Team Cernics Race Report from Nanaimo

July 18, 2008

Saturday - Track conditions were dry, dusty and slippery.  The track was very fast and choppy.  Both riders looked quick and comfortable.

Sunday - Morning track conditions were quite good.  The track was well watered; almost muddy, but the track crew were expecting a dry, hot day ahead.  Both riders qualified well with Dusty as fastest and Jeff as fifth fastest.

First Moto - Dusty emerged from the first turn out front and with his eyes set firmly on the top of the podium.  Jeff rounded just inside of the top five and put his head down to break away from the rest of the pack with the lead group.  Dusty would lead every inch of the first moto, winning by a margin of nearly 12 seconds.  Jeff meanwhile, struggled for a few laps in the middle of the race, losing a couple positions, but picked up the pace at the end, finishing out in eight place.

Second Moto - The second moto would again find both riders near the front of the pack, with Dusty rounding the first turn in third but within two more corners would be out front, pushing for another win.  Jeff rounded the first turn just inside of the top ten this time, but instead of struggling in the middle of the moto, he started picking off riders one by one, charging towards the top five.  Unfortunately, still on the first lap, Dusty would push too hard in a flat corner and went down, stalling his bike and smashing the top of his right foot.  While painfully kicking his bike with an injured foot, every single rider on the track went by, leaving him in dead last.  The "2006" Dusty Klatt re-entered the race and started picking off riders sometimes three at a time, focusing on valuable championship points.  Meanwhile, Jeff finally settled into sixth position around half time, well clear of the rider behind him and short of the lead pack.  As the race wound down though, Jeff was closing quickly on the fifth place rider (and championship leader) but too little time remained as Jeff crossed the line still in sixth, for sixth overall on the day, and moving up one position in the overall standings to eight.  After one more tip over, Dusty had charged all the way from dead last up to seventh in the moto, finishing a disappointing 4th overall for the day, and barely missing a spot on the podium.  As the first moto results were added in though, Dusty had gained 12 valuable points on the championship leader today, closing the gap to just ten, just barely past the mid way point with four rounds still to go.  Dusty still sits in third in the championship hunt.

Women's - There was no women's race this weekend.  Heidi will be back this coming weekend in Edmonton.