Team Cernics Race Report from Moncton

August 5, 2008

Moncton - August 3, 2008


Saturday - Track conditions were a little on the muddy side but overall quite good.  Both guys looked comfortable with Dusty posting the fastest time by nearly two seconds, and Jeff set the eight fastest time.

Sunday - Morning track conditions were very good for the first practice.  In the qualifying practice, the track began to get rutted, slick and hard.  Dusty qualified fourth and Jeff qualified 12th fastest.

First Moto - Jeff rounded the first turn with the holeshot and Dusty close behind in fourth.  In the first few laps both riders made a break with the leaders as Dusty forced his way into second and Jeff losing a few positions.  Dusty's moto remained fairly un-eventful as he finished second, but Jeff started riding tight, fighting with the rough, choppy conditions, and finally crossed the finish line in 11th.

Second Moto - Second moto found Dusty round the first corner in second and Jeff in fourth.  Dusty made some early pushes for the lead, showing the leader his wheel on a few occasions, but late on the second lap, Dusty was forced to put everything into his already broken right foot to save a bobble.  At that point, Dusty was focused on just finishing as his foot felt like it re-broke.  Meanwhile, Jeff was running the leaders pace for the early part of the race, running fourth for half the moto.  In the end, Dusty was able to soldier on and maintain second for second overall while Jeff struggled yet again, finishing 11th, for 11th overall on the day.  Dusty sits third in points still, but made up four points on second, now only seven points back.  Jeff now sits comfortably in eighth place in the championship hunt.

Women's - There was no women's race this weekend.  Heidi will be back this coming weekend in Sandel Lee.