Sofuoglu On The Front Row For Assen Race

April 22, 2012

Kawasaki DeltaFin Lorenzini runner Kenan Sofuoglu will begin the 21-lap WSS race at Assen in fourth position after finding improvements in his machine set-up that earned him a front row start.

Sofuoglu, the race winner in Australia, was the top Kawasaki qualifier after a very disturbed
series of practice sessions, each in its own way affected by ever-changing weather conditions.

Most top riders could not improve their best lap times in this afternoon’s final qualifying session
but Sofuoglu was one who did manage this feat. Now showing a great improvement in physical fitness after suffering a painful injury to his left knee in testing before the previous Imola round, he
feels fit and strong and ready to race at one of his favourite circuits, Assen.

Intermoto Step Kawasaki rider Fabien Foret took his Ninja ZX-6R to fifth place at Assen but feels
there is more to come. Like his fellow riders in WSS he is unsure about the kind of weather
conditions he will find on raceday but if the track is dry he will use morning warm-up to prove a
new set-up on his racebike, based on his experiences over two changeable days of practice at Assen.

Kenan’s team-mate, Sheridan Morais, was hampered by an unexpected problem at a key time, but still earned a start on the second row - a factor that may be vital at a circuit it is often difficult to
overtake on. He was seventh from the 32 riders who set out to qualify for the third round of the year.

Romain Lasusse, Foret's team-mate, qualified 18th, Joshua Day (Team GOELEVEN Kawasaki)was 25th.

Kenan Sofuoglu: “My knee is quite OK and we do not have a problem like Imola. I do not need any
injections, just some small painkillers, which are enough. I have not spent almost all weekend in
the Clinica Mobile like I did in Imola! My concentration is much better and I could do many laps without any mistakes. Our work on the bike means we should have a good set-up. We improved a little bit today but the track conditions were worse than yesterday. Every track is new for me this year because it is my first year riding the Ninja ZX-6R, so I have to find a new set-up and balance at each track. I think we will really be ready for tomorrow and can fight to win the race. I hope we
have good weather and there could be four or five riders fighting for the win.”

Sheridan Morais: “With the tricky conditions today we wanted to get some times in early on and the
times really came quite easily. It was still a bit damp so the laps were not too fast, but on old
tyres I eventually equalled my best times from yesterday. Then we came in and looked to put in a
real fast lap on a new tyre. Even though I was riding at my absolute limit I was 0.2 seconds slower
on the new tyre. I realised there was a problem, came in and put on one of our used tyres, then
managed to improve by 0.2 seconds. I am on the second row and I would not want to be any lower than that. I am looking forward to the race now because we did a few good laps on a used tyre, so our pace should be good.”

Fabien Foret: “We had a lot of work to do and the conditions were changeable so the direction we
took for this afternoon was maybe not the best and we could not improve the lap time. We have some information for tomorrow to make it better in warm-up. I hope we can find the right things on the bike set up, but of for tomorrow to make it better in warm-up. I hope we can find the course the track conditions could be different tomorrow anyway.”