Race City: Bow Cycle’s One Track Mind Ladies Track Night

June 19, 2008

Inspired by a passion for the sport of motorcycle riding, this unique Calgary-based company has created the ultimate riding environment for LADIES ONLY."

Submitted by:  Jessica Foster

Earlier this spring I was delighted to find out that due to our Sales Manager Reegan's pregnancy, I would be taking her spot at these Ladies Track Nights.  Trust me; no sane woman would give up a fun night like this for any other reason.  I got to ride the new KAWASAKI NINJA 250R. 

I have to admit I was pretty nervous going into the event.  I had no road bike experience, but I am very competitive.  I HATE not being good at things.  So I was pretty scared that I might:  A) Crash the bike Bow Cycle and Canadian Kawasaki Motors were allowing me to Demo.  (I'm positive pavement hurts more than dirt!)  B) Make a fool out of myself and ride like a total goon.  C) Not catch on and be very frustrated the whole time.  None of the above happened!  I was very comfortable on the bike, and I had an AMAZING time riding. 

The atmosphere is very friendly and One Track Mind brings out instructors to show you the steps on how to ride.  They even guide you around the track.  At first I got to team up with Rachel our Business Manager, riding with her was really nice and it calmed me down a lot.  I was almost as nervous as I am at the Motocross Nationals.  We rode around together for a few laps with our instructor. 

Then in our next practice I got to really open it up and get a good feel for the bike and the track.  I'm used to Motocross where you have a wide choice of lines to choose from that change from lap to lap.  On the Road you have to try and master the one fast line. 

All in all, I can't say thank you enough to Reegan and Rachel for getting me out there and to Kelly from One Track Mind for organizing the events.  It was an experience I will never forget.  I can't wait for the next track night; I am excited about this new passion I've discovered.  I really loved the bike too.  It handled great and had just the right amount of power.  Super light when taking the corners and it's really easy to throw around.

For information regarding the scheduling or organization please visit:  for details. 

I fully encourage all ladies who have a bike to get out there.  This taught me so much about braking, line choice and throttle response.