Nigel Sapriken's Race Report - May 11th

May 28, 2008

On Sunday May 11th I was going into my third race of the year at Whispering Pines in Kamloops B.C.

In my first 85cc moto I didn't get the start I needed but by mid moto I had dug deep to work my way up to 11th place.

My first Supermini moto of the morning was not going my way either, at the start as for the first time ever, I was stuck in the gate.

After I got unstuck I found myself dead last with the rest of the field some 15 seconds ahead. With over 31 guys in the class I knew that I had to ride the wheels off that Canadian Kawasaki KX 100. At the end of the moto I had passed 21 guys for a confident 10th place finish in only a 12 min moto. Isn't adrenaline amazing?

In the second 85cc moto my start wwas much better and with 22 of other guys I rode hard to an 8th place for the moto and for an 8th overall.

The last moto of the day was my Supermini moto. I had gotten a great start and was in the top 5 for over half the moto but I made a couple of small errors in the last couple of laps and finished 10th for a 10th overall. Funny I can start dead last and get a 10th or start 5th and get a 10th. Dad says "that's racing, you have to take the good and the bad".

I enjoyed this weekend and I really had fun. My Canadian Kawasaki, Kal Lake Motorsports KX85 and KX100 ran perfect and I am really looking forward to racing the next race in Williams Lake B.C. as I have not been there before. If you see me there drop into our pit area and say "hi".

I would like the thank Canadian Kawasaki, Kal lake Motorsports, Pro Circuit and my brother and my dad for helping me out. See you at the races

Nigel Sapriken- # 22