MX101 Expands Sand Del Lee Training Program

December 7, 2015

MX101 operates Sand Del Lee MX Park, which is a Motocross Training Facility located in Ottawa, Ontario.  Ottawa/Gatineau is the 4th largest city in Canada. Sand Del Lee MX Park (SDL) has been running motocross races since 1970.  MX101 first started operating as a Motocross Education and Training company, but very soon took over the operation of SDL in 2001 in order to insure the availability of a good motocross track in the Ottawa area.  MX101 quickly expanded the training programs to include:

- a large summer camp program that runs through the summer,
- a Learn To Ride Program in which a trail bike and complete riding gear are provided along with 2 hours of instruction (This is often the first experience a student will have and MX101 works hard to make this a very positive experience; this is a core program for MX101) 
- an amateur rider development program which sees young riders advance through levels in our program (Dylan Wright is a product of this program)

MX101 also created a Motocross Race Series titled the MX101 IronMan Challenge Series, which is in its 13th year.  We also hosted the "OTTAWA MOTOCROSS NATIONAL" for 10 years from 2006 until 2015, and have also created large annual amateur events with our Walton Qualifiers and now our first annual "Sand Del Lee CUP”.

In order to make all this happen, MX101 has invested heavily in the SDL Facility.  We have reorganized the facility to be membership based which has made riders feel like they are a part of a community, which we feel is essential to the growth of this family-centric sport.  Since 2001, MX101 has seen total membership numbers at SDL increase by more than 500%, and the total number of riders and racers who come to the facility per year increase by 900%.  We have trained thousands of people and regularly estimate over 15 thousand people per year come to SDL for events. 

With all the investment and resulting effort put into the SDL facility, it takes the right tools in order to make everything work.  For 2015, MX101 started using a Kawasaki Mule as our exclusive UTV.  It was used extensively to help with improvements and maintenance at the facility.  We also used the Mule to shuttle riders and family members around the facility when bikes would break or after a rider fell.  It enabled staff to respond to issues quickly and efficiently during practice hours and during events.  The Kawasaki Mule worked flawlessly for MX101, and provided features we had not had access to in the past.  The Mule quickly proved to be a solid workhorse and gained significant stature with the MX101 staff.  Glowing statements from staff are not the norm with work equipment, but the Kawasaki Mule earned every comment.  The Kawasaki became a core part of our daily work and something that came up in regular conversation.  Members and racers noticed the Mule and commented on the obvious usefulness.  The fact surfaced time and time again from our customers that they were glad to see Kawasaki and Ottawa Goodtime Center represented at the race track again.  The staff used the Mule every single day.  When the chance to write a note to Kawasaki about how MX101 used the Mule, our track manager and the staff were actually excited to comment about how good the UTV is.  A great product that make a significant difference to the operations at MX101 / SDL.