Morais And Sofuoglu On The Front Row

March 31, 2012

Kawasaki DeltaFin Lorenzini riders Sheridan Morais and Kenan Sofuoglu went second and third in qualifying at Imola, with Morais looking set for pole position until the very last moments.

Having tested at Imola recently Morais felt he and the set-up on his Ninja ZX-6R were ahead of the
curve for most of qualifying, despite missing much of an untimed session when another rider collided with him.

Sheridan, a full-season rookie in WSS racing this year, was only robbed in the final minutes of the
last qualifying session after an interruption stopped the clock with a very few minutes to go.
After the session restart and a frantic couple of laps Sam Lowes took pole.

Sofuoglu was in pain during his session on track and was worried about his ability to complete the
sessions until he had a check-up on his recently injured left knee, which he hit on the rumple
strip in practice.

Kenan knows he will feel pain in the races but the Phillip Island race winner and former champion
is determined to compete with his fellow leading riders, as he did in qualifying. His front row start is a major achievement given his recent knee and foot injuries.

Fabien Foret (Intermoto Step Kawasaki) was unhappy to be sixth in qualifying, despite there being
no less than 25 riders behind him in the rankings. He feels that his raceday performance will be an
improvement on his second row start. His rookie team-mate Romain Lanusse was 20th in qualifying.

Sheridan Morais: “I think we have been a step ahead all weekend after our test but we lost a lot of time this morning when another rider took me out early in the first session. I got about three laps
in at the end at that session so we lost that step we had, and we had to work hard to get it back.
But, we had the bike set up really well even yesterday afternoon and we still found a few things
this afternoon too. I am not usually that good at qualifying, I never have been, so to be second
fastest is pretty good. I think we did about six or seven low 1’52 laps in a row. I am really
looking forward to getting out there tomorrow.”

Kenan Sofuoglu: “I felt a very big pain in my knee when I hit the kerb so I got it checked out by
the doctors. It was all OK so I think I will have not so much of a problem in the race because the
Clinica Mobile people will help me with it before the race tomorrow. My bike is working well so I
am confident that we can have a strong race if my knee is OK.”

Fabien Foret: “I am very confident for the race but I am not as happy about my position today. It
was qualifying and I cannot be happy to be sixth but I have good race pace, so I am confident for
tomorrow. I was unable to do a fast lap but in the race I will forget my qualifying position and I
think it is going to be good once we get going.”