Marco Dubé Race Report - June 1st

June 4, 2008

Provided by Marco Dubé

Gopher Dune, National 2

This was not the way I wanted this weekend to go for me. I knew I was once again among the fastest, but disappointed in not reaching the podium as it was very much attainable. In each race I was riding around 3rd-5th place, once again I made errors which cost me a lot. Into the first race I fell twice in the same corner, which dropped me into 8th place. In the second race, I had two major crashes. The last one was on the second last lap, making me finish 19th. Despite everything I felt very good during the race. I rode smooth and I know my endurance is there. I am in really good shape. Starting today, I'm going to rest and give the body some time to heal; those two crashes really took their toll big time.  After the healing process I will start preparing for Winnipeg.

Cristian easily qualified for the finales this time. Although it took him some time to get his bike started back up after falling during the two races. Finally, the ice has broken for him and its full steam ahead.

Marco Dubé,