John Parker and new Kawasaki KX450 DTX ready for action

May 17, 2016

John Parker is eagerly anticipating the start of the 2016 flat track season, which gets underway this Saturday, May 14th at the Woodstock Fair Grounds in Woodstock, ON.

As per the past two seasons the multi-time National and Ontario Provincial Champion is again contesting the Veteran class on the ¼ mile tracks and the premier Open Expert on the ½ miles. And as per custom he will be heading south of the border to Medina, NY to campaign the Medina TT Scrambles Championship, one of Parker’s favourite series. Parker will be gunning for his fourth title, two of which were back-to-back; 2014-2015. The Medina series kicks off on Sunday, May 22nd.

John Parker Racing will also be sponsoring and mentoring up-and-coming Quebec ace, Dave Pouliot, an agreement which is now in its second year. Pouliot will be campaigning two Parker Racing prepped Kawasakis.

“It’s always nice to be able to kick back after a racing season ends, but for me I’m never totally away from it, because my Parker Racing machine and mechanical shop operates pretty well year round,” Parker said. “There is always something to do and as the season approaches things just get revved up a few notches. I’m excited to be in a position again to help out Dave, who is a very talented young flat tracker and almost like a son to me.”

Parker, who has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Kawasaki Canada and Inglis Cycle Centre, took delivery of the 2016 Kawasaki KX450 DTX last fall and prepped it to be race ready over the long winter months. Although he was unable to get out and participate in some friendly ice-racing with his flat track buddies and rivals, Parker did get some saddle time on the radically changed bike this spring.
“Kawasaki has made subtle changes to the DTX since bringing it out in 2009, but for 2016 wholesale changes were made across the board. It’s a much lighter package and more technically evolved all around. All the R&D we’ve done on the bike for flat tracking since 2009 pretty well all went out the window,” Parker noted. “We basically had to start from scratch. And although it performed well in testing, I know we’ll need to fine-tune some things that can be done only under racing conditions. It’s a monster! I love it! We’ve definitely got something to work with and I’m looking forward to putting this baby through the paces.”

In addition to Kawasaki and Inglis Cycle, Parker is pleased to announce that all sponsors from his championship-winning 2015 season – some of which have been with him for over a decade – are backing him for 2016.

“Considering how competitive it is to attract sponsor support, for me it’s a huge vote of confidence that the companies that have stood behind me for so many years are aboard again for yet another season. This allows me to take care of business at a level that I can focus on what is most important, racing,” Parker said.

John Parker Racing 2016 Sponsors: Canadian Kawasaki Motors, Inglis Cycle Centre, 26 Suspension, Hot Cams, Pivot Works, Vertex Pistons, IM Leathers, Bickle Racing, Extreme Measures Kustom Paint, Saddlemen, Ron Wood Racing, A&A Racing, Garrett 64, DeCal Works, Dunlop Tires, WDC Media Relations