Jessica Foster's Race Report - June 1st

June 6, 2008

Provided by:  Jessica Foster

Gopher Dunes was quite the experience this year. It was awesome to see my dad again. He brought my bike down from the Sault and met me late Friday night at the Toronto Airport.

Saturday we rode the Provincial ladies class.

Moto One; was a DNF due to a mechanical error that was quickly resolved after my father had a chance to look at my bike (for my dad's sake I won't say what happened!) Let's just say we were really happy that we opted for the Saturday racing to figure some things out. Leading Edge Kawasaki was right there to offer a helping hand if needed. I'd like to say a big thanks to those boys for being so thoughtful.

In Moto Two; I finished second behind Jocelyn. During our moto it turned pitch black (honestly it was hard to see) then started to down pour/hail with insane winds. If it was the boy's class they would have pulled them off for sure but cause the Ladies are obviously way tougher we rode out the Monsoon. The track was actually easier to ride on as it was getting some sweet moisture. I will admit I like Gopher better in the mud then the deep dry sand. After the moto getting back to the trailer was a bit of a heart break. Our 1988 EZ-UP (not easy to put up at all) was pretzelled between my dad's vehicle and trailer. It took 20 years to kill that thing, and I'm more then happy to say good bye...

Needless to say after getting up at 5am (3am Calgary time) racing all day and cleaning up, I was really happy to get back to the hotel. Both Dad and I had good cat naps.

Sunday- (National Race Day) I was feeling alright about the way I was riding.

Moto 1- The gate dropped. I then actually had an OK start, I must of gotten excited about this and somehow went down on the inside. I was then run over by another rider, and a bit twisted up. I got myself back together after a couple tears, I got back on the track. My front end was pretty twisted so I pulled off to the mechanics area where my dad and Mr. Giroux fixed me up. After that it was a lot easier to ride. I was behind Jacqueline and Heidi for the entire moto. I guess to people whom missed the first lap and some confused others, I rode a solid third with a great cushion. I managed to un-lap myself to finish 10th for the moto.

Moto2 - I had a fair start (nothing to brag about) coming out somewhere around 10th. It took me a while to get around 5th and 4th place girls then I pushed my hardest to catch Jocelyn. I think I sneaked up on her cause after I passed at first I had on ok buffer. Then she just turned it on. We had a great battle for the last 4 laps. For anyone that knows Gopher Dunes 4 laps is a lot, especially after you just rode about 6. She was able to pass me for 3rd on the last lap. I ended up 4th overall.

1-Jacqueline Ross 1-1
2-Joceline Killough 3-3
3-Jolene Van Vugt 5-2
4-Sylvie Levasseur 7-5
5-Jessica Foster 10-4

Heidi Cooke 2-0 -bike would not start.

I am now sitting in 5th for points. 4 points out of 4th.

Thanks so much to: Direct Cash ATM as well as Bow Cycle, Kawasaki Canada, Superior Suspension Settings, Amsoil, Troy Lee Designs, Oakley, OGIO, Hinson, VP Fuels, DC shoes, Weisco, PerformX, Transworld MX, Cometic Gaskets, Rude Girls, Mom and Dad.