Jared Petruska Race Report - Swan Hills, AB.

July 22, 2008

Submitted by: Jared Petruska

My first race of the weekend was Supermini; I got the holeshot and pulled a minute lead by the last lap finishing in first place. The second Supermini race went pretty much the same way as the first, finishing first overall.  My GP Junior race I got a third place start and passed the first and second place riders by the end of the first lap, again finishing in first. In the second moto I got the same results.

On the second day of racing I raced in the 250 junior class with my KX250F and won the race, however, in the second moto the ref disqualified me.  Stating that I could not ride the 250F in the 250 Junior Class, gotta ride a 450.  In my 125 Junior A race I won the race with a third place start but passing both 1st and 2nd place riders on second lap. In the second race I did not have a good start, around 10th; I worked my way up to first place by the third last lap.  Giving me a first overall finish.  In conclusion, I won all my motos for the weekend. My bikes were running great.