Frederick Laflamme Race Report - Richmond, ON

June 17, 2009

Frederick Laflamme Race report - Richmond, ON

In the Laflamme family, spring means motocross racing. After qualifying for the 2009 Canadian championships on May 23-24 in Richmond, ON, Frederick will join over 2,000 racers in the finals, which will take place August 12th to 15th in Walton, ON. 

Following his qualification to the Canadian championship, Frederick began the Quebec racing season this weekend (May 30-31) in Ste-Julie.

Saturday, the day began in muddy conditions with 10 cm of mud on the track. In the Supermini catégory (for 8 to 16 yrs old, 80 and 100cc), the young racer had to watch the others from the sidelines, as his bike experienced some mechanical problems. (Frederick does not race competitively in this class but had hoped to participate to familiarize himself with the track.) In the second round, Frederick finished 15th out of 26 participants. After falling a few times, in the 65cc GP (all ages), he completed the first race in 8th and placed 4th in the second race, scoring 6th overall. In short, this was a satisfactory racing day which resulted in an unusual amount of work to clean the mess!

On Sunday, the sun was shining at 6 am and the 7:30 am practice was held on a dry track. Frederick achieved decent results in 65 cc (10 to 11 years old) with two 3rd places, which gave him his first podium of the season. In the 85 cc class, the hardened track helped our young racer achieve 5th and 4th, for an 4th place finish overall. This was his very first Quebec race in this category. 

In short, a lot of work was involved to achieve satisfactory results. The season will be a busy one as the level is quite high this year and nothing can be taken for granted in 2009.

Thanks for reading, more to come soon!

Sylvain Laflamme