FMX World Tour (Mexico) January 15 - February 8 , 2010

February 12, 2010

After 6,200 kms of driving we finally arrived in Morelia, Mexico for the first stop on the six city world tour. This exclusive tour features six of the top FMX riders in the world featuring myself and fellow C&C team mate Bruce Cook.


We found ourselves excited to get riding after being cooped up in the van for four days of driving transporting our brand new Kawasaki 250f's. The first stop would have us riding two shows in the Morelia "plaza de toros" (10,000 seat bull ring). Each show went off without a hitch and set the stage for an awesome tour. Next stop Uruapan!


Unlike the first show in Morelia, Uruapan was a smaller bull ring that would only allow a smaller jump but despite the smaller gap we still left the crowd on their feet wanting more. Since the ticket sales were so good we added second show each day to bring it to a four show stop. We averaged 2000 spectators each show. Next stop San Juan Del Rio!


Like the second stop we unfortunately had another smaller bull ring that would also only allow a smaller gap. Due to testy weather the attendance was not as impressive as the first two shows but still was an awesome crowd that was extremely great full for the action packed show. After two shows we averaged around 3000 spectators for the weekend. Off to Tlaxcala!!


Finally we have a nice huge soccer stadium with more than enough space to have a nice big jump to impress the crown with. After practicing and having high spirits prior to show time, we are hit with a rain storm that canceled the first show. The next morning we woke up to blue skies and a nice size crowd to perform for. The packed house was brought to their feet with the most impressive show on the tour. After we pack up we head to nearby Apizaco where after setting up we got hit with a monsoon and unfortunately where not able to perform for the entire three days. By the third day of trying we unfortunately had to pack up and head to the sixth and final stop on the tour San Miguel De Allende.


This was by far the coolest and most Americanized community with over 50% of the crowd being either Canadian or American. We were also greeted with a nice huge soccer stadium that would allow us to perform at 100% and leave the 5,000 spectator crowd on their feet. The shows went off perfectly to round out the tour.


The month flew by. It was a great time and added another tour to the resume. With talks of returning next year and the possibility of other shows in Costa Rica we leave them on a high. I am also super excited to get home and back to doing shows in Canada. I am stoked as I have a ton of shows booked for the spring and summer.


Once again thank you to all my sponsors and family that have supported me over the years, without you guys I would not be able to do what I love to do!!!  Thank you!



Kris Garwasiuk