Félix Lessard’s Race Report - Deschambault

September 16, 2009

Name: Félix Lessard

Classe(s): 85 cc (12-13 yrs olds) and Elite Motovan (12-15 yrs olds)

Serie(s): Challenge Quebec

Event date: September 5-6 2009

Location: Deschambault


Elite Motovan:        First Moto: 5th          Second Moto: 8th      Overall: 7th

85 cc:                   First Moto: 5th          Second Moto: 4th      Overall: 4th

Highlights: I fell twice during my first race in the 85cc class but I managed a recovery and finished 5th. That was hot!

Objectives for the next race: I am aiming for a podium finish in Saint-Apollinaire

Favorite MX moment: Going through the double section at top speed!