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2021 November 01

2021 Team Green Canada Champions

Kawasaki Announces 2021 Team Green Winners


National Team Green Grand Prize of a KX or KLX motorcycle goes to Isabella Morgan. Regional title winners receive contingency awards.


Canadian Kawasaki Motors would like to congratulate all of the riders who took part throughout 2021 aboard Kawasaki KX and KLX motorcycles. Team Green participants competed in a nation-wide competition for the Team Green Grand Prize of a KX or KLX motorcycle, or a $5,000 parts and accessories credit.

Team Green riders were scored using their best six results from their season, with double points awarded for national events.


Grand Prize

We are happy to announce that Isabella Morgan is the 2021 Kawasaki Team Green Grand Prize winner and will receive her choice of Kawasaki KX or KLX. Morgan is sponsored by McKee Sport & Garden, a Kawasaki dealer in Delhi, Ontario.

Morgan scored five wins in the AMO Racing regional series at Gopher Dunes aboard her twin KX100s as well as a double-points-paying second position in her class at the Walton Transcan.

Antoine Poirier, and Brendan McKee, both of whom scored 1st place positions in each of the six regional events eligible for points finished second and third in the competition.


Regional Contingency Awards

Contingency credits were awarded to riders who finished in the top five positions in their respective regional series. These riders will receive contingency credits to use on Kawasaki units, parts, or accessories at their local dealer.

Riders who placed first in their series will receive $2,000, second wins $1,000, third $400, fourth $250, and fifth-place point finishers will receive $100 credit. Those contingency credits went to:


Abby Bergquist
SMA MX Series Ladies: 2nd place
Midwest Amateur MX Series Ladies: 2nd place


Antoine Poirier
SX QC Series Factory 9-14: 1st place
SX QC Series Junior: 1st place
Challenge Quebec Junior Open 125-450:  3rd place
Challenge Quebec MX3 Junior: 3rd place


Bentley Tondu
Midwest Amateur MX Series 85cc 12-16: 1st place
Midwest Amateur MX Series Supermini: 1st place


Blake Bransfield
Atlantic MX Series Intermediate GP: 4th place


Breckyn Smith
Midwest Amateur MX Youth B: 2nd place
Midwest Amateur MX Youth C: 1st place


Brendan McKee
SMA MX Series MX2 Intermediate: 1st place
SMA MX Series MX3 Intermediate: 1st place

Midwest Amateur MX Series Youth Class: 1st place

Midwest Amateur MX Series A Class: 2nd place


Ethan McKee

Midwest Amateur MX Series C Class: 3rd place

Midwest Amateur MX Series Youth B Class: 4th place



Dylan Adams
SX QC Junior: 4th place
Challenge Quebec MX3 Junior: 4th place


Dylan Honig
SMA MX Series MX2 Junior: 1st place
SMA MX3 Junior: 1st place


Isabella Morgan
AMO Racing Girls 9-16: 1st place
AMO Racing Ladies: 2nd place


Joel Bergquist
SMA MX Series 85cc 7-11: 2nd place
Midwest Amateur MX Series: 85cc 7-11: 2nd place


Josh Bergquist
SMA MX Series 85cc 7-11: 3rd place
Midwest Amateur MX Series: 85cc 7-11: 4th place


Josh Penner
204 Grassroot MX Series: Open Pro: 2nd place


Kévin Samuel
SX QC Lites: 5th place


Leo Hickey
SCRC Series 65c: 1st place
SCRC Series 85cc: 5th place
SCRC Series Supermini: 4th place


Liam Dodds
Future MX Supermini: 2nd place


Ludovick Rivard
SXQC Supermini: 3rd place
SXQC Factory 9-14” 5th place
Challenge Quebec 85cc 7-11: 1st place
Challenge Quebec 85cc open: 4th place


Payton Morningstar
AMO Racing 250 Intermediate: 2nd place
AMO Racing Open Intermediate A: 1st place


Reyna Tiebs

ADRA Ladies JR: 1st place
Sterling Lofthouse
ADRA ProAM: 3rd place


National Contingency Award

The Walton Transcan event pays $1,000 for a title, $500 for second, then $250, $150, and $100 for third, fourth, and fifth. This amount will be issued in cash. Isabella Morgan was the only Team Green rider to score contingency at this event in 2021.


Isabella Morgan
Walton Transcan Girls 9-16: 2nd place


Thank you to all Kawasaki Team Green racers for your hard work, dedication, and passion for the sport of motocross and off-road racing. We look forward to seeing you back at the races in 2022.


Let the Good Times Roll.


Isabella Morgan
Isabella Morgan