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2020 March 20

Spring Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Spring is here, and that means riders are hungry to get out on the track, trail or road. Before you do, however, take the time to properly inspect and prepare your motorcycle (or ATV, side by side, Jet Ski that matter) for another season of riding.

Here’s a shortlist to run through on your motorcycle before your first ride this spring. Don’t be shy to visit your local Canadian Kawasaki dealer for a spring servicing, new parts and accessories, or any technical related questions!

Spring Checklist:

Ensure proper tire pressure: This is your connection to the road, so always start here first when inspecting your bike. Refer to your Kawasaki owner’s manual for suggested air pressure; ensure no cracks or irregularities are present on your wheels, the rim and/or spokes are not bent or loose.

Brakes: Inspect your brake pads, rotors and lines for any issues. If pads are worn out, replace them so you don’t have to mid-season. Ensure safe, smooth and controlled braking action. Also, make sure you can squeeze in the brake lever without it hitting the handlebar. If it seems spongy or mushy, consider having your brake system bled to remove any air.


Fluids: Oil is the life-blood of your engine, so start the year off with a fresh oil and filter change. For those who need help changing their oil, please visit your Kawasaki dealer and they can provide the proper service and parts required. For the DIYers, consider purchasing one of Kawasaki’s convenient 'Oil Change Kits'. It includes oil, filter, drain plug gasket, and a set of disposable gloves.


Battery: Hopefully you kept your battery warm and plugged into a trickle-charger this winter … if not, you may want to consider purchasing a new battery. Regardless if your battery was plugged in or not, it doesn’t hurt to have a licensed tech check the battery’s fluid levels for proper function and battery reliability.


Lights & Gauges: ensure your instrument panel, gauges, brake lights and indicators are working before entering the open road.  


Chain & Sprockets: Is the chain rusty? Loose? Always keep your chain lubricated and proper tension applied. Check sprockets for any damage. If teeth are missing or curling, consider purchasing new sprockets.


This is only an overview of things to check for on your Kawasaki before gearing up for your first ride of the season. Be safe, take the time to inspect your bike before every ride and always refer to your Kawaasaki dealer for your service needs.


Let the good times roll in summer 2020!



Find all of your parts and have your service needs taken care of at your local Kawasaki dealer.
Our convenient 'Oil Change Kit.' Available for most Kawasaki vehicles.
Always keep a professional, clean working space for your Kawasaki.