MULE Museum


The MULE™ utility vehicle is the next step in the natural progression of Kawasaki's successful ATV line. Built for situations where our customers needed the agility of an ATV as well as the payload of a pick-up truck, the MULE has solved many problems for ranchers, golf course managers, emergency crews, industrial plant managers and even theme park staff.

With a pick-up truck type design, the first MULE (Multi-Use Light Equipment) hit the market in 1988 and, like its namesake, proved so amazingly versatile that the MULE utility vehicle is now a ubiquitous sight at farms, docks, sports facilities and anyplace else where lightweight and sturdy utility vehicles are needed.

The perfect solution for thousands of job sites across the world, Kawasaki keeps the good times rolling on four wheels as well as two.


MULE 1000 (KAF450-B)
MULE 2010 (KAF540-C)

Featuring a pick-up truck type design, the Kawasaki MULE™ concept revolutionised the lightweight utility vehicle. Powered by a liquid-cooled 454 cm3 twin-cylinder engine mounted in an open-cab utility chassis with independent front and rear suspension, and rolling on four all-terrain tyres with rear differential lock feature, the MULE 1000 utility vehicle was an immediate success.


The combination of selectable 2WD or 4WD with a Hi/Lo transmission made the MULE 2010 the most versatile utility vehicle on the market. Independent front and semi-independent rear suspension, plenty of load-carrying capacity and a reliable 535 cm3 engine made this MULE model suitable for almost any work environment.


MULE 2020 (KAF540-D)
MULE 2030 (KAF540-E)
MULE 500 (KAF300-A)
MULE 2510 (KAF620-A)
MULE 2520 (KAF620-B)
MULE 2500 (KAF620-C)
MULE 550 (KAF300-C)
MULE 2510 Diesel (KAF950-A)

Nicknamed the Tenderfoot MULE, this medium-class "turf" MULE utility vehicle was specially designed for use on golf courses, sporting fields and other places where a soft "footprint" is important. Powered by a fan-cooled single-cylinder engine the MULE 2020 featured a dual-mode differential that could be locked for maximum traction or unlocked to minimise ground disturbance. Turf-type tyres and easy-to-operate controls made this hard-working MULE an instant hit.

Sales of the MULE 2030 utility vehicle commenced. Offering many of the features of the MULE 2020, this 2WD model was designed especially for industrial work. It had special fuel and electrical systems to meet strict industrial standards, a flat bed and hard-surface tyres that offered long life on paved in-plant surfaces commonly found in manufacturing companies and warehouses.


The MULE 500 utility vehicle was introduced. This personal-sized utility vehicle was compact in size, easy to use and could easily fit in the back of a pick-up truck to be transported to work sites.


A larger, more-powerful liquid-cooled 617 cm3 V-Twin engine, 4-wheel drive, heavy-duty carrying capacity and a tilting cargo bed made the 2510 a top-of-the-line MULE model. Other advanced features included dual-mode differential, a high-mounted cab-frame air intake, a fan-cooled belt converter and all-wheel self-adjusting hydraulic brakes.

Sales of the MULE 2520 utility vehicle, the second in the MULE 2500 series, began. The combination of a quiet-running liquid-cooled V-Twin engine with a sound-insulated engine box and turf tyres made it possible to handle the toughest jobs with a quiet and light "footprint".


With the MULE 2500 series setting industry standards, Kawasaki introduced the MULE 2500 utility vehicle. With most of the same features as the MULE 2510, this 2WD fully automatic version was a class leader.


Sales of the MULE 550 utility vehicle began. Newly designed, its fan-cooled engine with internal engine balancer and proven 4-wheel suspension gave the MULE 550 a relaxing ride quality. A bench seat for two made this the first 2-person compact MULE model.


Sales of the MULE 520 utility vehicle (KAF300-D), a turf version of the MULE 550, commenced. Compact size, turf tyres and popular features that included low emissions, simple controls and dual-mode differential made the MULE 520 a convenient and versatile MULE model for the turf world.


Powered by a liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder, 953 cm3 diesel engine, the MULE 2510 Diesel offered outstanding fuel economy and increased load capacity. Dual-mode differential, independent strut-type front suspension and 4WD made this heavy-duty MULE utility vehicle a popular choice on work sites around the world where diesel is the primary fuel, such as in agriculture and underground mining.


MULE 3010 (KAF620-E)
MULE 3020 (KAF620-F)
MULE 3000 (KAF620-G)
MULE 3010 Diesel (KAF950-B)
MULE 3010 (KAF620-H)

The release of three models the MULE 3010, the MULE 3020, and the MULE 3000 marked the latest evolution in Kawasaki's MULE history. Powered by gutsy, liquid-cooled, 617 cm3, V-Twin engines coupled to all-new CVTs, they are some of the hardest working and most durable machines Kawasaki has ever produced. Radical new pick-up truck styling, improved ergonomics and other automotive design features made this new generation of stylish, hardworking utility vehicles an instant hit.


The latest machine in the MULE 3000 series, the 3010 Diesel features the proven, liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder, 953 cm3 diesel engine of the 2510 Diesel dressed in the pick-up truck styling of the other 3000 Series models. Upgrades include a stronger CVT belt, improvements to the exhaust system and a new cylinder block. Hard working and highly versatile, the 3010 Diesel's fashionable new styling package clearly positions it at the top of the MULE line.

Sales of the first camouflage MULE utility vehicle commenced. Based on the successful MULE 3010, the latest addition to the MULE 3000 Series provides woodsmen a rugged companion with ample load-carrying capability.