Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Door Set, TrueTimber HTC Green

PART #: 99994-1240

The Soft Cab Enclosure, Upper Door Set can be installed or removed to suit changing weather conditions


  • 600 Denier Sur Last water-resistant Upper Door Set attaches to stock doors and is held closed with the existing door latching system
  • Large side windows offer additional light and unzip for added ventilation when desired
  • Seals to ROPS
  • Creates a full enclosure when combined with the Soft Cab Enclosure, Roof (99994-1238), Plastic Roof (99994-1157) or Steel Roof (99994-1158), Soft Cab Enclosure, Back (99994-1239) and one of two windshields: KQR Full Plastic Windshield (99994-1154) or KQR Full Glass Windshield (99994-1155)

Towable on open trailers when used in combination with any full windshield (Flip-Up Polycarbonate Windshield must be in the closed position) and Soft Cab Enclosure, Back or KQR Rear Panel, Polycarbonate (99994-1156)

Vehicle must be positioned in the forward facing direction, KQR Soft Upper Door Set must be closed, and tow strap connected when towing

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Price: $858.36