Soft Cab Enclosure Door Set, Black

PART #: 99994-0911
  • Offered as a set of two, automotive-style soft doors come with magnetic latching
  • Doors securely fasten to the existing bodywork and side windows offer additional light and unzip for added ventilation
  • Complete Soft Cab Enclosure requires Roof and Back (99994-0850), Doors (99994-0911) and the choice of two windshields:  KQR Flip-Up Windshield (99994-0853) or KQR Full Windshield (99994-0852)
  • Not for individual use; for use only as component of Soft Cab Enclosure
  • Remove for towing or use an enclosed trailer when transporting a vehicle with Soft Cab Enclosure Doors
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Price: $794.99