The stylish Ninja H2.

Ninja H2: the combined experience, innovation and engineering of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Presenting a new era in riding – the world’s first supercharged street bike.

Ninja H2 details

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The Ninja H2 was conceived from a strong desire to develop the ultimate motorcycle from a clean slate with the enlisted help from other companies in the Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) Group. A closed-course model (Ninja H2R) was built first, free from the limitations street riding would impose. The Ninja H2 street model was then developed to meet all market regulations.

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  • The Ninja H2 is powered by a supercharged engine: Supercharged 998 cm3 In-line Four (with new settings to deliver optimized power).
  • The supercharger is a motorcycle-specific unit designed completely in-house and offers high efficiency over a wide range of vehicle speeds.
  • After passing through the supercharger, air pressure is increased to as much as 2.4 times atmospheric pressure.
  • The supercharger uses engine oil for lubrication. Not requiring an independent oil source contributed to a highly compact, lightweight design.
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Advanced technological know-how shared from within the KHI Group is found throughout the innovative engine and chassis designs. The high level of inter-company collaboration and the resultant technology poured into this model are the reasons the Kawasaki River Mark is displayed prominently on the upper cowl. The Kawasaki River Mark is a long-time symbol of the KHI Group dating back to the 1870s. As a policy, its use on products is rare and limited to models with historical significance. But for the Ninja H2 permission to use this symbol was granted.

Engine close up

The stance is very neutral, almost flat—think Formula 1 car — to make the body as aerodynamically sleek as possible. How air enters the supercharger, how the compressed air enters the engine, and then how the combusted fuel-air mixture is discharged were all carefully analyzed for maximum efficiency and to ensure the airflow characteristics that would best match the desired engine character. The impeller’s pumping capacity is over 200 litres/second (measured at atmospheric pressure), with intake air reaching speeds of up to 100 m/s.

Ninja H2

The objectives for the chassis were to ensure unflappable composure at ultra-high speeds, offer cornering performance to be able to enjoy riding on a circuit, and finally, to have a highly accommodating character. A new trellis frame provided both the strength to harness the incredible power of the supercharged engine, and the balanced flex to achieve the stability and pliability for high-speed riding. Assistance from Kawasaki’s Aerospace Company was enlisted in creating the aerodynamically sculpted bodywork to ensure maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

1971 launched the first game-changer,
the original H2.

Kawasaki stunned the world with its revolutionary racing technology, breaking records in 1971 with the world’s fastest production motorcycle – the 750ss Mach IV – better known as the H2.

The legend of the H2 continues to grow with innovation that only Kawasaki could deliver.

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Please note: Production capacity is extremely limited due to the Ninja H2 custom production methods. A priority customer list will be created and time stamped at time of deposit. Based on consumer global demand all orders may not be filled. Bikes do not come with additional promotional gifts or unique serial badging.

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