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Discover why Kawasaki’s best kept secrets are integral to a truly extraordinary riding experience.

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Concours 14 ABS KIPASS

Part of the secret arsenal of the Concours is the KIPASS (Kawasaki Intelligent Proximity Activation Start System). KIPASS is a master key system that allows remote activation of the bike's main switch and steering lock.

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Ninja 300 F.C.C Assist and Slipper Clutch

Advanced race-derived technology offers light clutch actuation and a race-style back-torque limiting function.

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Versys 650 Engine

Compact engine tuned for maximum low and mid-range torque allows riders to open the throttle at any RPM.

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The Versys is a motorcycle you have to ride to understand and appreciate its full potential. With the name derived from its “versatile system”, supported by an assortment of technology and design features, the Versys is an adventure-ready bike that always leaves you wanting more.


Take a closer look at the models that hold these secrets and how their design and performance have surpassed anything that riders can find today.