Wild Bill on Top Again - Bill Clark's Race Report

July 21, 2008

Rat Team Member, Bill Clark, on the Sackville Motorsports sponsored Kawasaki Superbike, has proven that his successful return to road racing is not a fluke.  The experienced rider has been extremely patient as he has steadily improved since his return to the sport last season.  With faster lap times each round, Clark has gained much needed confidence to compete competitively with the likes of Scott, Blaauwendraat and Dunlap.

During Saturday's practice, Clark took it easy as he was breaking in his new brakes.  Pleased with the results he was more than ready to take to the track for the Open Sport Race later in the day.  The sun and heat got to Clark as he had several hours to wait for the Open Race.  Drinking plenty of fluids and taking it easy just couldn't stop the effects of the weather.  He fought off the sluggishness and made his way to the start/finish.  Starting on pole position, Clark was in second place going into turn two, behind Todd Scott on the #98 Honda 600.  Having Scott in front discouraged Clark as he knew the tremendous speed that Scott carried and his hopes for a win seem to fade early on in the race. With a renewed determination Clark made his move on lap three and passed Scott in turn one to take the lead.  Scott was not going to give up as he kept to Clark like a fly on paper, with Dunlap hot on his heels.  The trio would remain one on top of each other for the entire race. Clark would not relinquish the lead and he took the checkered flag with a strong finish.  A strong race, as it turned out as well, as Clark posted some of his personal best lap times in the low 1min. 10 sec. range.

Sunday, the heat did not relent and the racers were facing another day of fighting off dehydration and fatigue.  1:40pm came around and found Clark in third position on the grid on the front row.  Clark, his confidence shaken somewhat by the news that Blaauwendraat, Scott and Dunlap posted lap times in the 9's was going to need a great start to get out in front and set the pace for the race.  \With a terrible start, Clark was fourth going in to one with Bresnan, Scott and Blaauwendraat in front of him and quickly pulling away.  Clark had to give it all he had, if he was going to get on the podium, and that he did.  With Scott going down in turn four that left Bresnan and Blaauwendraat to chase down.  After several laps Clark finally passed the #21 Bresnan in turn 9 to take second place. Blaauwendraat was running away from the other riders and Clark knew he would never catch him but he made a valiant effort and chased him down right to the end and impressively making up about half of the gap between the two riders.  It was enough to let the rookie Blaauwendraat know that he was coming.  Although content with his second place finish, Clark couldn't help but wonder what would have happened had he gotten a better start. 

With the set-up of his Kawasaki finely tuned, his focus for the next round of the series will be to continue to improve his conditioning to combat the summer heat and in an attempt to give himself an edge over his competition. 

Clark would like to thank Remote Access Technology, Sackville Motorsports, Kawasaki Canada and Propeller Brewering Company. Racing would not be possible without this support.  I would like to also thank Lee Snair, Jamie Fraser, my team members, my family for all of your help and support and the staff ARL, the Marshalls and EMTs for putting on another top notch race weekend.