Team Tenacious - CMRC National Short Track - St Marcel Quebec

October 7, 2008

Submitted by: Nigel Heggarty

The track was super rough in practice but my bike was hooking up and the suspension was sucking up the bumps without a problem. The gearing was good and the tires felt great. I got a decent start in my 450 heat race and worked my way into the lead after a couple laps and held on for the win and the pole. The Open race was identical to the 450 heat. With two heat race wins I was off to a good start. In the Intermediate 450 main I got another good jump and was in the lead within the first few laps. I had a good lead on my brother Colin in second. On the second last lap between turns 3 and 4 the bike started to low side. I hit the gas and picked the thing off the ground before I fell off and held on for the win. Afterwards everyone said that I had crashed and picked it back up and kept going. I was really happy with my ride because I had to win that race to take the lead in the points.. In the Open Intermediate I rode side by side with my brother on our KX 450's for the whole 10 lap final. It was a great race and I managed to hold him off buy about a foot or two at the line. It was a great weekend and I managed to close up the gaps in the points. I just need to have another good ride in Petrolia and I can win both National Championships. Colin and I are having a blast and our KX’s are haulin!!!