Team Tenacious - AMA District 14 - Midland Michigan

October 7, 2008

Submitted by: Nigel Heggarty


The track felt awesome in practice. I was hooking up and had it pretty much dialed after that one practice. I had my 505 A class heat first. I got off the line ok and managed to take the lead on lap 2 and checked out and won it by half a straight. The combo class heat was next. I got a bad start and ended up 3rd in the heat, missing the front row by one spot. In the finals the track was awesome there was a good cushion right along the bails that I rode all night. In my 505 A heat race my brother and I got a good start and checked out on everyone by the first 5 laps. We rode side by side the whole race grabbing each other going down the front straight. We had a ball and battled lap after lap back and forth. I ended out on top. We both had so much fun. We had first and second with about a straight away lead on third. We were pumped and ready for the combo class final. I was starting from the second row for that race I got off the line and held it wide open along the top of the first corner making my way up to 4th. Coming onto the back straight some guy went around the inside of me on an XR750 and almost blew me off my bike with the roost. I ended up losing two spots because of that but put my head down and caught those guys and made my way up to 5th place. I was happy with my ride and I had so much fun. After the race we had about 50 people over at our pit checking out the bikes and saying how much they enjoyed watching Colin and I battle it out lap after lap side by side on our KX 450 Kawasaki’s.


The track was much different today. It had packed down and developed a groove around the bottom of the racetrack. In practice I wasn’t going anywhere. The set up from the night before wasn’t going to work again. We made some changes after the first practice and were much faster in the second. In my 505 A heat race I had a bad starting spot on the very inside and way off the groove. I made some risky passes into turn one but lost all momentum on the exit. Colin and Tyler Hicks checked out. The 2 riders battled back and forth with Tyler coming out on top by about 2 feet. In my combo class heat race we got into a 4 way battle for first, with the lead changing every corner. I had the lead on the last lap but left a little room in turns three and four and got bumped off the groove and had to settle for second in the heat. We made some more changes and for the 505 A class finals we where ready and our KX 450s where flying. Colin and I checked out in the final. He led for the first half of the race with me inches off his rear tire. I waited patently till on about lap 7 when I got a good run off turn four and sailed by him down the front straight waving as I went by. He stuck right with me the rest off the race but couldn’t make anything work on me. I won it with Colin 2nd. The combo class race was next. I had third choice on starting spot for the final. Unfortunately with that I wasn’t able to start up top on the groove where I wanted to. I still got a good start and was 4th coming on to the back straight. I worked my way up to third and was trying to catch up to the leaders but then on about lap 6 I got off the groove and 3 riders sailed by me. I couldn’t believe what I had just done I felt so stupid! I got back on the groove and caught back up to them and waited to see where I could make something work. A couple laps later I came into turn 3 slow got the bike turned and gunned it. I flew off the turn and sailed by the same 3 riders down the front straight. I had 2 laps left but the 2 guys out front had checked out. I was bummed out because I knew I had a shot at winning the thing but I was still happy with the way I rode and had a lot of fun out there getting a 3rd .