Team Faith Report - Lethbridge Arenacross 2009

February 19, 2009

Reported by: Josh Snider

This past weekend was the Lethbridge arenacross in southern Alberta. I was particularly excited for this weekend because Lethbridge is where I live during the winter months. Being so close to home, many of my friends and family members were able to come out to the race and show their support. In addition, Lethbridge is also where New-Way Motorsports is located - my main Team Faith supporting dealership.

On Friday night, in the AX2 heat, I started out with a good start, in 3rd place. I raced on to make a pass in the rocker section and finish in 2nd position. My AX1 heat race did not go as well; my start wasn’t as good and I fell after hitting the back tire of another rider, resulting in my clutch lever becoming bent down. After I got back up, I put on a charge but ran out of time and was unable to qualify. So, to the LCQ I went, where I got the holeshot and won.

In Friday’s AX2 main event, I started out in mid pack; I was racing with a group of riders, trying to make my way to 5th place, when my rear tire skipped out of a rut in a corner, causing me to slide out. I was unable to pass the riders who had gotten by while I was down, so I finished in 9th position.

For the AX1 main event, I was actually in last place around the first turn - not so good. But, I rode consistent and made passes as fast as I could. After a few other riders made some mistakes, it didn’t take long before I was in 3rd place. With two laps to go, Kyle Keast and I made contact in a corner causing us both to go down. Kyle was able to get going again faster than I was. In addition, another rider snuck by while I was down. On the last lap, I had Ryan Lockhart just behind me. In the final corner, he tried knocking me on the ground to make the pass, but this time I stayed up and finished in 5th.

On Saturday morning, I shared a devotional about trusting God to do things his way and not ours. In Isaiah 55:8-9 the Lord says: “My thoughts are higher than your thoughts and my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine”. A lot of times we limit God to doing things the way we think they should play out. However, we need to put our trust in God and have faith that he has a better plan in store for us. Even though we can not see a way at this current moment, we need to remember that God can make a way where there is no way!

On Saturday night, in my qualifying heat races, I finished where I started: 4th in AX2, and 3rd in AX1.

Going in to the main events, I felt far more confident than the previous night. In the AX2 main event, I had a back of the pack start where I battled past a few riders. I was stuck behind one rider for a few laps and figured that if I was going to get around him, I would have to hit him in the corner. So I tried on him what Keast tried on me the previous night, however, the outcome was not very good. He ended up falling, and getting stuck on top of my bike. Then, two unsuspecting riders ran into the back of me and ended up crashing. What a sight it must have been! The rider I hit was stuck under his bike, on top of mine, so I had to help him off before I could get back into the race again. In the end, it was entertaining for the crowd, but I finished 9th.

In the AX1 main event, I planned on not being overly aggressive since wanted to finish in a decent placing. So, that is what I did. I rode consistent and finished the moto in 6th place.

Overall, I would venture to say that the weekend was a lot of fun! I felt like I rode well, and I definitely had a whole lot of fun in the process!

I have to give a big thanks to the guy’s at New-Way Motorsports for the extra help over the weekend! Also, Nate Boyda and Krystal De Graaf for their help! And, as always I would like to thank my ever helpful sponsors who make things possible for Team Faith: Friends and family for their prayers and donations. As well as: Mainland Sand and Gravel ltd. Canadian Kawasaki Motors, A Vicious Cycle, Friesen Plastic Products ltd. Wild West Fencing inc. Fly Racing, Enzo Racing