Team Faith Race Report - Western Canadian Nationals

July 14, 2008

Submitted by:  Josh Snider

This past week has been a busy one for team faith; over the past 7 days I have raced 5 times, competing in two different events.  The first event was in Raymond, Alberta at the Western Canadian National.  This event, in particular, is special to me because it is close to many of my friends, family and sponsors.  Also, joining us at this event was Women's racer Kim Emery.  Since we are both committed to racing the pro national series, this event was convenient for both of us, offering extra seat time and practice.  Many other national competitors took advantage of this opportunity as well.

The track in Raymond is always rough, regardless of the little changes that are made.  However, this year they decided to run it backwards, bringing a whole new challenge to the riders.  Most likely, this change would have worked out fine if they had prepped the track (ie. corners and jumps), to flow in the new direction.  But, they didn't.  Due to this, the track was hard to pass on and did not flow.  Personally, I didn't think that the track was all that bad; I had a fun week and will definitely make the trip back.

A few years ago, at Raymond, rider Dyson Fisher, became seriously injured and because of this Dyson and his friends did a parade lap as an act of remembrance, stopping at the place of the accident.  Here, I joined them and said a prayer of safety for all the riders there that weekend.

The last day of racing was Saturday and I finished the week with results: 6th in the Youth class and 5th in GP Pro/Am; Kim finished 7th in the Ladies class.

Sunday morning, the track hosts a pancake breakfast and, for the second year in a row, I was able to have a small church service in the big tent during the breakfast.  It was a great opportunity because no one had to rush off for practice immediately following.  Instead, I was able to talk with some people afterwards about things that were troubling in their lives.

Sunday afternoon, we spent an amazing day at the beach with our friends and owners of New-Way Motorsports, Rob & Tina Duncan as well as Tyler and Suzan Duncan.  They brought out two Kawasaki demo Jet Skis, an Ultra 250X and a STX -15F, which were a blast to ride, as well as their boat for wakeboarding and surfing.  Racing and traveling all summer can get crazy, so spending a day at the beach is a refreshing break!

The second event took place in Calgary and was called the Brent Colclough Memorial Canadian MX Open and ran from Tuesday - Wednesday.  Since it took place in the middle of the week, following a holiday weekend, there weren't many riders present.  For the pro racers, the event was a money race.  Luckily, only 19 people showed up.    

At both this event and Raymond, we hung out with Brent Carlson and his two boys, Owen and Trevor, along with friend James Moran.  Brent and his family own Mainland Sand and Gravel and have been a huge help to Team Faith this year!  Tuesday, after racing, Brent invited me to go to a nearby go-kart track with them.  (They had been there the night before and told me how the karts were fast.  No helmets, seat belts were optional and the people running the place would laugh at crashing karts.) So, this time when I went with them, we brought our helmets.  This was a good idea because Trevor and I caused James to crash and hit the wall so hard that it exploded out of the pavement, causing James to get so shaken up by the impact that he didn't race the next day and stayed in bed until noon.  I've decided, we should all stick to motocross racing-it's much safer!

Overall, I finished 4th in MX1, 5th in MX2 and 7th in GP Pro.  This event also acted as a perfect chance to practice racing with different skill level riders, providing a fun and profitable 2 days.

The next race will be in Nanaimo, BC on July 13th.

I would like to thank my sponsors who make things possible for Team Faith: Friends and family for their prayers and donations. As well as: Mainland Sand and Gravel Ltd. New-Way Motorsports, Kawasaki Canada, Friesen Plastic Products ltd. Wild West Fencing inc. Fly Racing, Enzo Racing.