Team Faith Race Report - Ste Thecle

July 30, 2009

This past weekend was the sixth round of the national series, held at a new location in Ste. Thecle, Quebec. The weather forecast had predicted thunderstorms beginning at 5 a.m. and almost at that exact minute the skies opened and rain came down hard. It was almost comical because Chad, our mechanic since round 1, has been getting excited about having a mud race at any chance of precipitation. Finally, when his wish came true, he was the least joyful of us all that morning. But, his joy came back as the day went on; I think he forgot how much extra work it is for a mechanic in the mud. To Kevin and me, it made no difference.

Thankfully, the riders’ meeting was held under a large tent. Afterwards, for the devotion, I talked about living by the Spirits power. I wanted to share how to listen to the Holy Spirit and how he works in our lives. Galatians 5:16 says: let the Holy Spirit guide your lives. Then you won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves. While trying to hear the voice of the Spirit, it can be difficult to distinguish between our feelings and His promptings.

I thought it was sort of funny that our moto was delayed due to a tractor stuck on the track, but they got it off and sent us out.

Kevin started on the very inside and got a great jump off the cement pad and came out of the first turn in 3rd place. He continued to hold 3rd place until the half way point. Later on, Kevin told me that all he could think about was trying not to fall - like all of us. And, like most of us, he did. Despite falling 3 times Kevin still finished well in 8th.

In my moto, I started on the outside of the gate with a strategy of using the grass around the outside for traction. I didn’t get a good jump off the cement, landing around mid pack through the first turn; I was feeling confident with my mud riding, and was in 16th place. After getting by a few riders, I was in 14th, staying there until I fell in a corner. After restarting my bike, I had a hard time gripping my slippery grips enough to even twist the throttle. After my first fall, I fell 4 more times. Even with falling that many times, I only lost 2 positions, finishing in 16th.

When Kevin and I got back to the pit area, we were telling each other stories about how many times we fell and how stupid we felt for falling and giving up the positions we did. We were positive about the moto, because in order to do well in a mud race all you can do is have fun with it, which we did.

Due to the extreme conditions of the track, the second motos were cancelled. Both Kevin and I were ready to ride again, but only God knows if our bikes would have finished the race.

A thank you to Team Faith’s supporting sponsors for the Canadian series: Western Power Sports, Fly Racing, Michelin Tires, Pilot Travel Centers, Canadian Kawasaki Motors, New-Way Motorsport, Two-Wheel Motorsport, Mainland Sand and Gravel, Boot Trucking, Wild west Fencing, A Vicious Cycle, RK Engine Works, Scott USA, JJW Designs, Silkolene Lubricants, Hot Cams, Hot Rods, Pivot Works, Factory Tech Suspension, Pro Circuit, RK Chains, QTM Brakes, Tag Metals, P-Lok, K& N Air Filters, Edward Jones Investments, Athena, PitsterPro, ARC levers and UFO plastic, Hinson, Enzo suspension, Contact Welding Supplies