Team Faith Race Report - Sand Del Lee

August 17, 2009

San Del Lee, in Richmond Ontario was the second last round of the Canadian Motocross Nationals.

 This year the track was backwards from its normal direction. Some liked the changes and others not so much, either way the track was good.

 Saturday night Kevin and I roamed the pits inviting people to come out to our Nooma video series. It was great to have some new people come and check it out for the first time. Kevin led the night with a video about making the most of today. Enjoying what God has for us today and now.

 Sunday morning at the devotional I talked about doubt and where it comes from. The devil's main area to work is in our minds and he knows that if he can make us live based on how we feel or think then he will consistently keep our minds going in circles chasing after meaningless non fruitful things. Proverbs 23 says guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

 My first moto I had not gotten through the first turn in good position but made some passes through some of the next few corners. I was moving forward on the first lap until two riders went down right in front of me. I got on the brakes as hard as I could but still ran into one of the riders getting our bikes tangled. By the time I got untangled and going again I was almost being lapped. I started riding hard trying to pass back as many guys as I could but came back to a disappointing 22nd. I'm still 18th in the points but the riders behind me made up a ton of points this weekend.

 My second moto I had an ok start. As I tried to cut the inside of the corner as riders drifted wide I hit a large round bale with my front brake and washed the front end out. Coming from last again I put in a good charge on the rough track and came back to 20th. Not the results I was expecting to get out of the weekend but I have to take the bad with the good.

 Kevin's first moto he was in 4th for about the first 10 min of the race. He rode tight and never got into a flow and began to pump up and faded back to 10th. Kevin started to settle down and got his energy back and tried to make a pass for 9th but never made it happen.

 Kevin's second moto he had about a 12th place start and settled into a comfortable pace and worked his way up to 7th. After Kevin said he should have settled down in the first moto and most likely would have gotten a better finish. Kevin was happy with his second moto result, the track was similar to a practice track he rides and once he settled down he felt at home. 

 Next weekend is the final round of the series at a home track for me in Walton, Ontario. I'm hoping to have a home track advantage this weekend and remain 18th in the points. Kevin is in a tight points chase as well for a top 10. He's currently 11th in the points.

 A thank you to Team Faith's supporting sponsors for the Canadian series:  Western Power Sports, Fly Racing, Michelin Tires, Pilot Travel Centers, Canadian Kawasaki Motors, New-Way Motorsport, Two-Wheel Motorsport, Mainland Sand and Gravel, Boot Trucking, Wild west Fencing, A Vicious Cycle, RK Engine Works, Scott USA, JJW Designs, Silkolene Lubricants, Hot Cams, Hot Rods, Pivot Works, Factory Tech Suspension, Pro Circuit, RK Chains, QTM Brakes, Tag Metals, P-Lok, K& N Air Filters, Edward Jones Investments, Athena, PitsterPro, ARC levers and UFO plastic, Hinson, Enzo suspension, Contact Welding Supplies.