Team Faith Race Report - Rd 7

August 7, 2007

After two weekends off from racing the nationals, the 7th round (3rd
round of the east coast series)  started up again in Moncton Newbrunswick. 
The Riverglade track was celebrating it's 30th anniversary , and the 2nd
Brian House memorial (a rider who lost his life racing at his track).
Saturday I met back up with local rider, Danny McLeod.

     Sunday was a great day for weather and track conditions. There had been
many threats of thunderstorms all around on Saturday but  fortunately we got
a short down pour in the evening with the bulk of the storm hitting
everywhere else.

 For the Team Faith Sunday morning devotional I talked about how things in
life can come along and try to steal our joy,  how we need to constantly be
renewing ourselves to stay in a positive attitude and seeking good counsel
from the Holy Spirit. I shared an interview response I heard
from a very influential motocross champion Doug Henry, who has battled
through many difficulties. His response to the question "What makes Doug
Henry a champion?" was " It's not what you do on the days that you win. It's
what you do on the days that you don't win that makes a champion."

     This year at the track they added a new high speed grass section to add
some length to the lap times.  It was a fun section that got very rough and
very fast speed too. I think it must have been the fastest speed I have ever
gone on a motocross track. Every lap I looked forward to that section.
For my first Moto I had 28th gate pick. I was on the outside but got a great
start considering. I came into the second corner in about 8th position and
was running in good position for the first half of the moto but started
riding tight for the last half. I fell over in a corner and on the last lap
I had nothing left for a fight and let a rider get by me and finished in
21st place, no points but it was a great learning moto for me.

Second moto I again got great start but half way through the first lap I
fell in a corner and was back in 25th. At that point I put myself in to
attack mode and found a good pace that I could run for the entire moto. I
gained time on the riders slowly and had worked my way up to 17th and still
felt strong at the end of the moto. I had many fun battles with riders
through the moto but unfortunately factory rider Matt Barns passed me
back near the end of the race leaving me with 18th.