Team Faith Race Report - Montreal

October 7, 2008

Submitted by: Josh Snider

This past weekend Team Faith was at the Montreal Supercross. This was the first time I have attended this event. People have always told me how great of an event it is but you can’t put it into words until you experience it. The 60,000 fans in Montreal are amazing!

Saturday after riders meeting for the devotional I talked about “life’s deceits.” Mathew 13:22 talks about how the devil wants to keep us chasing after an elusive contentment in status and things, that keeps us going in circles, never accomplishing the true life that God has waiting for us. “Our whole life is taken up with preparations for living, so that we never really live at all.” Leo Tolstoy. I had not ridden a supercross in a few years and had no track to practice on one leading up to this event. But I have ridden some arenacross in the past year so I was confident that my indoor skills would come back quick.

I was entered in both MX1 and MX2 classes, racing with my new national number 39. I felt most confident, and put in faster lap times on the small bike mostly because my big bike had an outdoor setup that made it tough to handle indoors. I qualified for the MX2 class 16th fastest. In the MX1 class I had to go to the LCQ along with some fast guys (like Roy who won the Main event) and never made it to the Main.

In the MX2 main event I was in 9th for a few laps, then back to 10th for the remainder of the race until the last lap when 2 guys got by me, I almost made a pass in the last corner but I was too nice of a guy and chose not to put the rider on the ground, ending up finishing in 12th. US rider Jeff Gibson, who we are working on getting sponsors and support for to ride with us in the Canadian outdoors next year, was at this event too. He won his qualifier and finished 5th in the MX1 main. Jeff is making progress recovering from the Epstein Barr Virus.

I would like to thank the sponsors who make things possible for Team Faith: Friends and family for their prayers and donations. As well as: Mainland Sand and Gravel ltd. New-Way Motorsports, Canadian Kawasaki Motors, Friesen Plastic Products ltd. Wild West Fencing inc. Fly Racing, Enzo Racing and A Vicious Cycle.