Team Faith Race Report - May 25th

May 27, 2008

Once again it's a new season for Team Faith in Canada with the first round of the Canadian motocross Nationals in St. Julie Quebec.

Prior to this season there have been many advancements for the team including new sponsors. New-Way Motorsports, a Kawasaki dealership with 3 locations, Brooks, Taber, and Lethbridge Alberta, Mainland Sand and Gravel from Surrey B.C; and Friesen Plastics Products in Lethbridge Alberta. Their commitment to Team Faith's ministry is very much needed and appreciated.

Saturday Pastor Francois Turcotte from St. Hyacinthe Baptist Church along with Alex, Sam, and Francis came to help with the language barrier. We really appreciated their help. They were very successful with translating the French at this event.

Sunday morning after rides I thought it would be fitting, being as it is a new season, to talk about how God wants do new things in our life by changing us in to a new person. Venturing off into the unknown can be difficult but God is there to help us. I used verses from Romans 12:2, Ezekiel 36:26, and 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Qualifying again this year is based on fastest lap times. In the MX1 class there are a lot of fast guys with all of us stepping up the pace from last year. We get 20 mins to put in our best lap for qualifying. I qualified 31st which gave me the 31st gate pick out of the 42 riders that qualified.

Moto1 I had a decent start in the top 15, coming from the outside of the gate. I found a good pace and stuck to it, after a few laps I was in 19th where I felt I could stay for the remainder of the race until I got crossed up in a rut on the face of a jump and had to eject from the bike in the air because I was in no position to land near the bike. I landed and rolled on the downside of the jump, not even feeling the landing I began running after my bike that was coming to a stop after bouncing into the next corner. I picked up my bike and found that everything was still straight other than a broken plastic front number plate so I resumed racing like nothing ever happened. By this time I was near the end of the pack but I managed to pass back up to 27th position by the end of the race. After the moto I heard that I was not the only one to do this. This made me feel not so stupid. Ha-ha.

Moto2 I got an even better start in 6th position. I rode in 9th position for the first few laps then a few faster guys made their way around me. I was in about 15th position when again I had issues with a rut on the face of the finish line jump. I was doing somewhat of a superman nan-nac in the air and should of let go but I was in to good of a position to throw it away again so I some how managed to pull myself back on the bike landing with both feet on the foot pegs. Myself and everyone else who seen it have no clue how I saved it. It goes to show that God is watching out for us always. I finished out the race strong going back and fourth with other riders ending up in 19th position. 27th and 19th finishes gave me 24th overall for the day.

I would like to thank my sponsors who make things possible for Team Faith: Friends and family for their prayers and donations. As well as: Mainland Sand and Gravel ltd. New-Way Motorsports, Kawasaki Canada, Friesen Plastic Products ltd. Wild West Fencing inc. Fly Racing, Enzo Racing.