Team Faith Race Report - June 22nd

June 26, 2008

Submitted by: Josh Snider 

Round 4 of the Nationals were in Regina, Saskatchewan. Also joining us this weekend for the 3rd round of the Woman’s National was pro women’s rider Kim Emery and her dad. Saturday evening the promoter of the Regina National (Daryl Murphy) organized a night of bowling for the pro women’s riders with Big Sisters Little Sisters of Regina. Team Faith was also invited to come along for the night. It was a great opportunity to connect with new people that we would not normally come in contact with. Then, on Sunday, some of the girls from bowling came out to the track to watch. Sunday morning at the devotional I used Romans 5:2-5 which talks about how God can use difficulties in our life to help us develop endurance and strengthen our character. I used an illustration about a chick hatching from and egg and the struggle that it goes through, and explained that if we were to help the chick it would hatch with undeveloped muscles. The same is true for us, in that God can’t take us to that next level in life if we cannot get past the things we are struggling with right now.

Race day, the track had been soaked with water so there weren’t many lines available during qualifying since everyone had been riding on the track edge to avoid the deep mud. I felt decent in qualifying; finishing 2nd in my qualifying group, I earned 17th gate pick.

In the first moto, I got an excellent starting gate which turned into a great start as I went around the first turn in 6th place. Within the first few laps, I made many mistakes and dropped back to 16th position, where I rode in until I stalled my bike in a corner and resumed racing in 20th. I spent the rest of the moto passing back some of the guys who had gotten by me, having some good battles along the way, finishing 18th.

In the second moto, I had the same start gate as the first moto, and again I got my KX450F out of the gate quickly, going around the first turn in 6th position again. I’ve decided that I really need to learn to be more aggressive without making mistakes, I always seem to fall back so far within the first few laps because of it. I was in a good position half way through the race but other riders slowly got by me as we battled. I finished the moto in 20th position.

I’m very pleased with how the weekend went both with racing and ministry. This weekend was my best finish, scoring points in both motos and finishing 20th overall. This week, Thursday through Sunday, Team Faith will be at the Western Canadian Amateur National in Raymond, Alberta. The next Pro National on the series is in Nanaimo, B.C on July 13th.

A special thank you to Tina Duncan and Krystal De Graaf from New-Way Motorsports for making the 6h trip from Lethbridge to bring much needed supplies and to cheer me on.

I would like to thank my sponsors who make things possible for Team Faith: Friends and family for their prayers and donations. As well as: Mainland Sand and Gravel ltd. New-Way Motorsports, Kawasaki Canada, Friesen Plastic Products ltd. Wild West Fencing inc. Fly Racing, Enzo Racing.