Team Faith Race Report - Chilliwack, B.C

January 4, 2010

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to race the second weekend of the Nex-Trax Arenacross series in Chilliwack, B.C.  Unfortunately, it looks like this will be the only event of the series I will be able to attend due to my work schedule this winter.

I borrowed bikes from Brent Carlson, a KX250F and a KX450F.  The KX250F was an older bike that everyone had had a ride on so needless to say it was a well-used bike; on the other hand, I felt comfortable on the KX450F and it worked well for me.

At riders meeting on Friday, I talked about freedom.  I used an illustration of a guitar string.  Within its confines and tension, the guitar it has purpose; if we were to free and loosen the string, it would sound horrible and not be able to be used for its purpose.  The same is true with us; we want freedom in as many areas as possible in our lives.  As followers of Christ, we may feel like we don't have the freedom we would like, but within Christ we are free to carry out his purpose in our life and Christ's purpose is true freedom.

During the first night of racing, I struggled to qualify in the 250 class.  In the heat race the top 5 qualify and the rest go to the LCQ where they take the top 2.  I was outside the top 5 in my heat race, and in my LCQ I went down in the first turn and never made it into the main.

In the open class, I went down in the first turn during my heat race and went to the LCQ where I got a second place start, passing for the lead on the second lap and won.

In the main event, I had a good start and was riding in 5th place by the middle of the race after some back and forth passing.  With a bit of a gap in front and behind me, I wanted to catch up to the person in front and try make a pass by the end of the race.  But, I tried too hard to make up time and I slid out in a corner, stalling the bike and finishing in 9th place.

At riders meeting on Saturday, the second night of racing, I talked about truth. There are some things that are labeled Christian and not true, and some things can be true and not be labeled Christian.  The bible is filled with stories of God teaching people how to think, how to discern, how to sort and sift, how to figure out what is true and what isn't.  The writer Peter urged Christians to be alert; in Thessalonica, Paul tells his listeners to test everything and hold on to the good.  Some food for thought...

My qualifying races on Saturday night were full of action.  I'm not usually an aggressive rider, which hurts my results in aggressive racing like arenacross.  I learned a lot and had a ton of fun going from qualifying position to outside qualifying to banging bars and block passing trying to get back into qualifying position in every heat race and LCQ.  Needles to say, I never made it back into qualifying position by the checkered flag.  I was disappointed, but I know that that's how arenacross racing can go - you may not qualify one night and you may win the event the next.

While the 250 main event was going on, I had the opportunity to share Christ with a local friend of mine and his girlfriend in the pits.  I was planning on finding a church to go to on Sunday, so I invited them with me.  We found a local church on the internet that was great!  It had good music, and the pastor was relevant and easy to understand.       

Later on during the open class main, a local rider I had met a few years back, who I had not seen till this weekend, came and shared his testimony with me.  He told me how he had been involved in some serious drugs and a party lifestyle looking for something to fill the void in his life, including motocross racing.  He turned to God and his life had completely changed for the good.  His close friends don't even know who he is anymore.  His story was amazing to hear!

I sure wish I could make it back to the rest of the rounds of the series, but it's back to some much needed work for the winter for me.

A special thank you to Brent Carlson and Mainland Sand and Gravel for making this weekend possible and to Team Faith's supporting sponsors:  Western Power Sports, Fly Racing, Michelin Tires, Pilot Travel Centers, Canadian Kawasaki Motors, New-Way Motorsport, Two-Wheel Motorsport, Mainland Sand and Gravel, Boot Trucking, Wild west Fencing, A Vicious Cycle, RK Engine Works, Scott USA, JJW Designs, Silkolene Lubricants, Hot Cams, Hot Rods, Pivot Works, Factory Tech Suspension, Pro Circuit, RK Chains, QTM Brakes, Tag Metals, P-Lok, K& N Air Filters, Edward Jones Investments, Athena, PitsterPro, ARC levers and UFO plastic, Hinson, Enzo suspension, Contact Welding Supplies.