Team Cernics Race Report from Walton

September 4, 2008


Saturday - Track conditions and weather today were very good.  Dusty looked very fast but he rolled his ankle in a rut and decided to cut his practice short.

Sunday - Morning track conditions were very good for the first practice as both riders used it to find new lines and get warmed up.  In the qualifying practice, both riders looked good with Dusty qualifying second  and Jeff 14th.

First Moto - Both riders came out of the first turn near the front of the pack.  As Dusty quickly started to make his move for the lead, he went down in a corner and struggled to re-start his bike.  Meanwhile, as Jeff was making moves and passing his way towards the top five, he collided with a water barrier in a tight switch-back corner, tearing off his radiator, causing a dnf.  By now, Dusty had caught all the way back up to sixth, only to fall again and struggle to re-start a second time.  In the end, Dusty finished 11th.

Second Moto - The second moto found both riders gating poorly.  As Dusty seemingly had used all of his energy fighting off mistakes in the first moto, he could not make time on the leaders in the second moto.  Jeff meanwhile was making a few passes, working his way towards the top ten.  After a fairly uneventful race, Dusty finished fifth in the race, and fifth overall for the day, and Jeff crossed the finish in 10th, 16th overall for the day.  In the championship, Dusty finished second overall and Jeff finished eighth.