Team Cernics Race Report from Sandel Lee

August 11, 2008

Saturday - Track conditions were very muddy after two long days of rain.  Both riders practiced and looked very comfortable.

Sunday - Morning track conditions were muddy.  Dusty looked good in first practice but hit something and ripped his rear brake lever off almost immediately.  In qualifying practice, both riders were comfortable with Dusty qualifying fourth and Jeff 11th.

First Moto - Nearly a one-two start, with Dusty rounding the first turn second and Jeff fourth.  Dusty made a few quick moves and found himself in the lead, pulling away.  Jeff settled into the fifth position in the early laps.  After a few mistakes, Dusty was passed for the lead and fell off the pace a little, but after a couple laps, picked back up and was all over the leader.  Time after time Dusty tried to make a move, but every time the leader closed the door.  Finally the pressure got to the leader and he fell in a tight corner, only Dusty was right behind him, running into him and going over the bars!  The rider in third was able to cruise by and held the lead for the rest of the race.  Dusty was able to rebound and again found himself all over the rider in second, but only to finish in third.  Jeff struggled again in the later parts of the race, finishing 9th.

Second Moto - Both riders rounded the first turn well again, Jeff in third, Dusty in fourth.  Dusty quickly moved into third, and within a few more laps moved his way to second.  Dusty held second comfortably until the closing laps when the fact that he has not been able to ride or train due to his broken foot started to become obvious.  Finally one rider was able to make it by, with Dusty holding on for third.  Jeff went down near the middle of the race, finally crossing the finish line in 14th.  In the end, Dusty finished second overall and moves into second in the championship points.  Jeff remains secure in eight in points overall.

Women's - Heidi looked determined from the very beginning today, looking for a moto and overall win, both of which have eluded her this year.  In the first race Heidi got an uncharacteristic fourth place start, quickly moving into third.  The two lead riders, both women pro riders from the US, would go back and forth the whole moto, but Heidi stayed within striking distance, not letting them get away from her.  In the second moto, Heidi did not disappoint, rounding the first turn in the lead.  She put her head down and was not more than a bike-length behind the leader the whole race.  In the end though, Heidi had to settle for second place in the race, third overall for the day, and second overall for the year in the championship.