Team Cernics Race Report from Edmonton

July 22, 2008

Saturday - Track conditions were fairly good.  The track is quite jumpy and fast.  Dusty was fourth fastest and Jeff was seventh fastest.

Sunday - Morning track conditions were very good.  The track was tilled and watered to perfection.  Both guys looked good in the first open practice, and in the timed qualifier, even nursing a sore foot from last weeks crash, Dusty posted the third fastest time, less than one second slower than the fastest.  Jeff looked good also, but his times didn't reflect it as he posted the 11th fastest time of the morning.

First Moto - Both riders rounded the first turn well inside the top ten.  As the first couple laps settled in, Dusty started a charge that would not finish until the race was over, picking off one rider at a time until he found himself in second place, posting the fastest lap time of the race on the fourth last lap.  Jeff meanwhile was able to break away with the lead pack only to fall in a deeply rutted corner and struggle to restart his bike.  At the finish, Jeff had managed to work his way up to 12th place.

Second Moto - The second moto start was almost a carbon copy of the first.  Unfortunately, the track had deteriorated to the point that it was very difficult to make up time and both Dusty and Jeff were already at a disadvantage.  Both riders pushed as hard as they could, but in the end, Dusty was only able to finish sixth with Jeff not far behind in seventh.  For the day, Dusty again missed the podium by one point, in fourth overall, and Jeff's first moto relegated him to ninth overall.  Dusty still sits in third in the championship while Jeff still sits in eighth.

Women's - Heidi holeshot both moto's as usual today.  In the first race, she was passed quickly but stayed just off the leader's rear wheel right to the end of the race, only losing a little time once she got into lappers.  In the second race, it seemed Heidi would have something for the first race winner, but nearing the end of the first lap she was viciously slammed to the ground while leading, apparently grabbing a little too much front brake while going into a tight corner.  In the end, Heidi was able to recover and get back into second, for second overall in the day.