Stanly Clair’s Race Report, May and June competitions

July 9, 2009

Name: Stanly Clair

Class(es): 85 cc, Supermini

Serie(s): CMRC du Québec et Challenge Quebec 


Ste-Julie, May 30th 2009

85 cc:                                  First moto: 9st,             Second moto:  injury,              Overall: 15th
Supermini:                           First moto: 4th,             Second moto: 3th                            Overall: 3th
Schoolboy (12-16 yrs old):     First moto: 1st,             Second moto: 5th                            Overall: 4th

Colisé Pepsi, May 23rd 2009
85 cc Arenacross:                    First moto: 1st,             Second moto: 5th                            Overall: 4th

CMRC Ontario, May 24th 2009, on my 85 cc:

Supermini:                   First moto: 2nd,            Second moto: 2nd,   Overall: 2nd
Écolier :                       First moto: 4nd,            Second moto: 4nd,   Overall: 4nd         

Was named # 1 racer of the weekend. Received a Kawasaki tent, Thanks to Brett Lee

Deschambeault, June 6th 2009

85 cc:                          First moto: 2nd,            Second moto: 1st,   Overall: 1st
Supermini:                   First moto: 3nd,            Second moto: 2st,   Overall: 2st

Challenge Québec,  St-Apolinaire, June 13th 2009

85 cc:                     First moto:  1st, Second moto : 1st,   Overall : 1st
Elite Motovan 85cc :  First moto: 1st,   Second moto : 1st,   Overall : 1st

I competed in the Junior category with my 100 cc. I was competing against 63 racers and I achieved the best time. During the final, they passed me at the start.

La Tuque, June 6th 2009

85 cc                         First moto: 1st,             Second moto: 1st,   Overall:  1rst
Elite Motovan:            First moto: 1st,             Second moto: 1rst,   Overall: 1rst
I couldn't compete in Junior class with my 100cc

Sand Del Lee, July 1st 2009

85 cc:                         First moto: 10th,          Second moto: 3th,   Overall: 4th
Supermini:                  First moto: 6th,             Second moto: 4th,   Overall: 5th
Schoolboy:                  First moto: 12th,           Second moto: 17th, Overall: 11th
(with a new KX125)

Objective for the next race: I always aim for the first position (if possible).

Special thanks to: Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc., AS moto and my father (the mechanic).