Sofuoglu Wins Second Race And Extends His Lead

June 12, 2012

Kenan Sofuoglu rode his Kawasaki DeltaFin Lorenzini Ninja ZX-6R the race win at Misano today and in doing so put himself into a 22 point lead. Sheridan Morais was sixth in the final race results.

Sofuoglu became the only rider to win more than a single race in the 2012 championship when he beat Honda rider Jules Cluzel by 1.288 seconds at a warm and humid Misano. His win was a front running effort, with the Turkish star passing over the startline in the lead for all 22 laps.

Sheridan was involved in the mid-pack action from an early stage and in fighting his way up to an
eventual sixth he had to come back from being 12th on lap 12. Making the most of his available grip as he climbed back through the field had a cost in ultimate traction and Sheridan was unable to get further forward than the top six at the end. He felt he could have taken a podium, had other things  gone his way. With the third placed rider 20 seconds from Sofuoglu at the end, logic was on his side. Sheridan is overall eighth in the rankings, with 37 points from six races.

Fabien Foret (Kawasaki Intermoto Step Racing) had a torrid raceday going from a potential podium
finisher to eighth after he had to drop two places and then take a ride through penalty after being
pushed out over the run-off area at turn one and missing the escape lane. He did well to get back
to a top ten finishing place in the circumstances and is now fourth in the championship, on 63 points.

Kenan Sofuoglu: “I am very happy to have won here because I have not taken a win at Misano before. I have raced here for many years but this time it happened. The win and the points for the
championship are good but, really, I am so happy for Kawasaki. They are really giving me what I want and what I need and it has brought me the leading position in the championship and given me
the chance to win races.”

Sheridan Morais: “I had a really good start but we were bumping fairings in the first lap. In the beginning and middle of the race it was all good, up until five laps to go. My tyre worked well and I think the soft tyre was the right option but, because of the way things were at the start, and  being hit a few times, I lost a lot of places. I think I just used up the tyre trying to get  through traffic. I had a good race but I am disappointed because I think without having to ride so hard to get back near the front and using up the tyre we could have scored a podium.”