So Close to Another Win for Lascorz

July 14, 2010

Joan Lascorz led for ten of the 18-laps of the Supersport race at Brno and his team-mate Katsuaki Fujiwara was a strong top five, in what was a positive day of racing for the official Kawasaki squad.

Lascorz was starting from pole and looked capable of running away at the front for a time, but the high track temperatures and tough competition from eventual winner Kenan Sofuoglu made the ultimate fight for the win a two rider affair.

Joan re-passed Sofuoglu on the final lap, but could not quite get close enough to stay with Sofuoglu when he got back in front. The margin from first to second proved to be only 0.124 seconds, with the third place rider over seven seconds back.

A remarkably brave and committed ride from Katsuaki Fujiwara saw him finish fifth, overcoming the lingering physical effects of a very recent appendix operation. He was exhausted at the end of the race, but fought from his second place starting position to go fifth overall. He had a couple of scares in the race and when he realised he could not get back to the top group of riders he kept a good pace to the end and scored 11 valuable points.

The result of two strong performances in the ninth round is that Joan is back to second in the championship, 15 points behind Sofuoglu, and Katsuaki jumped from tenth to eighth overall.

Joan Lascorz: "We could have won the race today and the Kawasaki was very strong here. We had a good race but I was having trouble with the front-end settings, so it was difficult to stop the bike. It was fine changing direction in the chicanes and going into corners. Kenan rode very well and he made a big pass on the final lap, and it left me too far behind to attack. The rear tyre performance was constant but we had a lot of spinning from the start in this hot weather. I moved up in the championship as well, so a good day for us."

Katsuaki Fujiwara: "I had to push hard but after seven laps it was difficult to control the bike, and I was feeling the effects of my recent illness. About ten laps in the front end tucked really hard in the first corner, so I had to ease my pace and just continue where I was. I am really tired, no power, and I lost three or four kilos of weight since my operation. I got good points for the championship so it was worth it today."

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