Round 1 MX2 West Canadian National Championship

June 19, 2007

June 17 Morden, Manitoba
Brady arrived in Morden confident and fit after his string of Provincial Championship wins, anxious to race for the podium on his potent Holeshot/Denny's/Kawasaki KX250F. The weather did not cooperate, and steady rains started in the early morning, so practice and timed qualifying was a muddy mess.
By the time the gate dropped for moto 1, it started to rain harder and it was pouring rain for the entire race. Morden is a clay based track with lots of elevation changes and off camber sections, and riders were falling and blocking the good ruts all over the place, and that made it difficult for everyone. The bikes weighed about 100 lbs extra because of the mud. After a terrible start on the wet concrete, Brady went from near the back of the pack up to 10th by the second lap, and was flying past riders anywhere and everywhere, but on the third lap a rider was stuck in a rut on one of the downhill off cambers and Brady went down trying to go around, and by the time he got going he was back in about 25th place on the next lap.

Again he charged hard, putting in some really good laps and was back up to 11th place and still catching the guys in front of him, but about 4 laps from the finish he went over the bars in the uphill rhythm section. He crawled to the side of the track and lost a lap, but toughed it out, got back on his bike, and got going well enough at least finish 18th and earn a few points. Many riders DNF'ed, and the conditions were so bad that the second moto was cancelled. Mud races are not Brady's favourite, even though he has good speed, but when it gets slippery his short legs are a big disadvantage. His lap times would have easily put him in the top 5 had he been able to stay up.
Brady's teammate, Jeff Northrop, was riding well also in the MX1 class, but opted to pull out of the race at the halfway point to save his engine, as by that time the big bikes were struggling to even get up the hills.

This week will be a lot of clean up and bike rebuilding, in order to be ready for Round 2 this weekend in Regina, Saskatchewan.