Return of Lime Green

August 20, 2007

As of the Brno GP (Round 12 of the 2007 MotoGP Championship), the Kawasaki Racing Team will be returning to traditional Lime Green livery.

This season, in addition to a new team structure, the Kawasaki Racing Team has been fielding a new chassis and new engine.  Through various trials, development has moved forward and the team's competitiveness has steadily increased.

With "challenge" as a theme for the 2007 season, the team has been experimenting with a number of new things.  One of these experiments has been to test a brilliant metallic green on the race bikes. 

The new colour was evaluated over the first half of the season.  But in the end it was decided that the original Lime Green, a colour with a rich history of racing success (both on-road and off), and one that as a symbol of Kawasaki's sporting efforts has received overwhelming support from Kawasaki fans around the globe, was the appropriate colour to adorn the machine that will contest the pinnacle of road racing, MotoGP.

And so, as the Kawasaki Racing Team's MotoGP challenge continues, they will be striving not only for racing success, but also to elevate Lime Green to new heights.

Press release: Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd