Rd 1 - Canadian National Series

June 19, 2007

The first round of the Canadian national series was in Ste. Julie Quebec.
Pastor Francois Turcotte and others from the local church come to help with
the Saturday night meeting. They delivered their message in both english and
french about salvation that was broadcasted by radio to the local frequency,
and over the loud speaker at the track.
There was not a large turn out for the meeting but being as it was
broadcasted meant that people at the track could listen to it in their pit
area. After the meeting we were hanging out in our own pit when a french boy
about 12 years old came by, who was not at the meeting, with questions about
God. At that point I was so thankful that we had christians who could
communicate in french to that boy, along with being able to give him a
french bible.

The morning devotional was a great turn out in numbers, I spoke on a message
from 1 Corinthians 9 24-27 how in a race everyone runs but only one person
gets a prize that will fade away. But we as christians run a race that the
prize is eternal, and how we should discipline our body's like athletes in
our walk with God. Self discipline can be hard but the end result is well
worth the effort. Through out the day people came and talked to me about how
they enjoyed what I had spoke about, and shared with me how things were in
their life.
For qualifying this year it's determined by fastest lap time to least
fastest the 42 fastest times make the event. I Qualified 32nd. This year
there seems to be a lot of competition compared to years before. Some big
names have come up this year from the U.S.
It started to rain before first moto. The track was a clay track which made
things very slippery in the rain. The first race was red flagged, and
restarted, because of to to many bikes piled up from a crash after one of
the jumps.
On the restart I got a decent start again and over the same jump that caused
the crashes before, a rider slid sideways on the face of the jump causing me
to change my line quickly, which put me in the the line of another rider,
which caused us to hit fairly hard in the air over the jump. The thoughts
that were going through my mind were both of us hitting the ground hard
causing another restart. Much to my amazement I never hit the ground. I was
thanking God for the next few corners. My left knee felt a bit weird after
the mid air collision but I rode a solid race in 15th for a good part of the
moto, until I got hung up in a rut from a rider going down. the ruts in that
section of the track were so deep once you were in one it was impossible to
get out of it. A bunch of riders got by and I finished the race in 21st.
when I got back to the trailer I told one of our french contacts from the
local church, about how I can't explain how I never hit the ground when I
collided in the air with another rider on the first lap. he responded with
his french accent "that's because I pray before start of race."  When he
told me that I was affirmed that it was because of the power of prayer that
I was safe.
Second moto I again got a decent start in about 10th, and rode a consistent
race and finished 17th. Overall I finished 21st.  Although I did injure my
left knee form the close call in the first moto. I went and saw my sports
doctor today and she doesn't think it is major, and I should be able to
start training on the bike again by this Wednesday.  I personally believe
that I can finish better than 17th. I rode at about 85% this weekend. I need
to step it up for future races to feel good about my personal
accomplishments, but overall I felt good about the day, and as the series
goes on I'll get better at racing at 100%.
One of our good friends Mason Phillips from New Zealand finished 5 and 3 in
his moto finishes. He was unexpected to do that well. We really wish Mason
the best this season. He's a new christian, last year, who is very friendly
to be around and has a mature character.
Next weekend is at the Gopher Dunes track in Tilsonberg Ontario, which is
only 2h from our house.