RACE Regional Round #5 - Vicki Schouten

August 21, 2007

This would mark my second race weekend back since my injury and with my ZX-6R tuned and dialled in I was determined to make it one of my best weekends ever! The skies were clear and the sun was shining on the Fabi circuit at Shannonville and life couldn't get much better!
Friday morning was spent getting re-acquainted with the Fabi circuit and making some fine-tuning adjustments to the ZX-6R. Things were running real smooth and I was right on track with my laptimes from the same course last year.

Saturday's qualifying for AM600, AMSuperbike and the Women's Open all went relatively well. Since this is my debut season in AM600 and AMSuperbike (a step up from Novice), I cannot expect to be at the top of the grid but I am getting closer every time!

By Sunday my laptimes had gotten a whole 4 SECONDS FASTER than my times on the same circuit last year. While I was somewhat frustrated that I was not closer to the front row, I knew that I had to be somewhat satisfied with a 4 second improvement, especially given my injuries and my return to racing.
The first race of the day on Sunday was AMSuperbike. My mechanic, Brad Clarke, had also decided to enter the race on his 600 (we won't mention the brand!)..... So the gloves were off...there was NO WAY my mechanic was going to beat me! I managed a great start to the race and was wicking it up pretty good with some fast riders mid-pack...and Brad was nowhere to be found! About 3/4 of the way through the race some of the faster riders got away but I still managed to hang onto a group that was moving fairly well. I managed to take home a 15th place finish in AMSuperbike. While my goal was a top 10 finish, atleast I was feeling stronger and starting to get back to my usual racing self again!

The second race up was the Women's Open. This race was held only one race following AMSuperbike. I had barely gotten my helmet and gloves off and it was time to head onto the racetrack again. Thank goodness for all of my endurance training on the bicycle-- times like this it comes in handy! The start to the Women's race was a little hairy and positions got jostled around quite a bit but I managed to take 4th place in the Expert step away from the box...I can almost taste it!

The ended with another 15th place finish in AM600. This was a highly competitive field with a number of front runners heading into the Pro ranks for 2008. My ZX-6R was running solid and I managed to complete the race with another 15th place finish. We're aiming for top 10 next time!
Overall it was a good weekend and I was satisfied with my results and with how well my Kawasaki was running!

From Fabi, we packed up and headed home long enough to grab a quick nap, clean some laundry, and hit the road for the 15 hour drive to Atlantic Motorsports Park in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia.