Pierce Chamberlain's Race Report - June 1st

June 12, 2008

Provided by: Bill Chamberlain

Gopher Dunes National 2008

Like most sports it's the unpredictable that makes the story sometimes. The results for the top three riders in the MX1 class where perhaps not a surprise to many. Medaglia, Keast and Klatt! The first two have ridden this track more often than I've had hot dinners. Klatt can win a moto anytime he puts his mind to it. For those of you who where not at the race, make sure you watch it on TV. Kyle trying to gun down Medaglia and getting so close is priceless. All fairly predictable but very exciting.

For Pico the before and after Gopher Dunes where totally unpredictable. The return trip from the wonderful weekend at St. Julie was quite normal. Wendy's for a baked potato and Chili. Ooops, no potatoes, who could have predicted that! Half day of work on Monday, get the bike ready for Wednesdays "Roost Clothing" and Racer X photo shoot. Another half day at work Tuesday and off to night school in the big smoke. Riding at Carruthers national caliber track the next day, all pretty normal for a Pro MX'er during the National's season. Well for twenty minutes at least, the big end bearing lets go and Pico packs up for home. What a strange occurance, really unpredictable. Wednesday pm, Pierce strips down the motor and sends out an SOS. While number 15 works another half day the first rescue ranger at Sturgess Cycle goes in to action and by the end of the working day on Thursday Pierce leaves Kawasaki Canada with a crank assembly in his hot little hands. Rescue Ranger numero deux in the shape of Donkers appears. Pierce rips from Toronto to Cambridge and deposits the disassembled motor and new crank at D4 Performance. The boys have the motor done before the bewitching hour, fresh crank and Wiseco piston, we are good to go. That leaves Friday for Pico to get the motor back in the frame, put on a fresh set of sand tires and head down to the Dunes. Well it didn't happen that way. Another trip to D4 so RR #3 could ease out another little wrinkle and then home to bed.

Saturday we to go to the track, pay the entry fee's, watch the Pro practice and then head home to get ready for Sunday.

Sunday am we arrive in time for the riders meeting and a somewhat groggy Pico heads out for the first round of practice. Lap times are a little disappointing but not drastic. It would appear that the only way to relax our rider is too start the first moto, which as it turns out, was pretty good. Getting an awesome jump as the gate drops but then being swallowed up a little in the first corner Pierce has to push past a couple of  guys to end up 11th on the first lap. The rest of the moto was as predictable as the Dunes can ever be. Our Kawasaki mounted number 15 crosses the line in 13th.

A fair result which Pierce is very pleased with, rejuvenated, he is looking forward to the second moto. The bike is prepped with a new Wiseco clutch and all seems well with the MX world. Pierce makes a great gate pick and again gets a terrific start. Fifth place going into the first corner, nowhere to be seen by the third corner. Unpredictable. Not in MX apparently! Another rider not getting so good a start banzai's from the outside line jumps across the berm and tee bones Pico. Not really that unpredictable but who would have guessed that another Kawi's foot peg would punch a hole in the alternator cover of Pico's bike. Done like dinner!

Fortunately we had a steady stream of fans and friends come through the pits that day which helped ease the pain a little. A special thanks to our friends from Jantz Canada who have always supported Pierce.

We sit out the western rounds this year but look forward to getting back into the heat of the battle at round seven in New Brunswick.