Paul Carpenter interview

June 14, 2007

Congratulations on your wins at Ste-Julie and Gopher Dunes. You've had a great start to your first season in Canada. How do you feel about the way things have been going for you so far?

I couldn't be any happier. Things have been really good. The first two rounds have worked out perfect. It's been a fun time. I'm looking forward to the next seven rounds and just taking it week by week.

Is the competition surprising you in any way...stronger than you thought...not as strong?

The competition is where I expected it to be. Everybody is riding really well from JSR to all the guys who've made it on the podium. Everybody is putting in a really good effort. I won the first two rounds but I still think it can be a tough series for me so I know I can't slack off or get over confident.

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