Parts Canada Superbike Championship - Freedom Cycle

July 9, 2007

Terry Steeves (#38)
The Freedom Cycle Racing truck and trailer completed the over 5000 km journey from Halifax to Race City one full day prior to the "move-in" time and slightly ahead of schedule. This was our first venture to the western facility and I was looking forward to getting on track and having a look. The original forecast looked great for the whole weekend, but we soon discovered that like our home track at AMP the weather is unpredictable.

Our first session was Thursday morning and we spent most of it trying to find a good line around the track and trying to find gearing that would work for the Kawasaki ZX-10R. The Thursday afternoon session was lost to bad weather as thunder showers rolled in. Organizers feared the same weather for Friday, so the Friday afternoon scheduled qualifying was moved to Friday morning. This didn't sit well with us but we would have to adapt. Friday morning's sessions was named as the "official" Timed Qualifying for Pro Superbike. This was going to be a challenge as it was to be only my second session on the track. We qualified 23rd, which is nowhere near where we'd hoped to be, but we did manage to sort out some better gearing and we were making some progress getting the bike set-up for the track surface.

Saturday's installment of the double header wasn't the most exciting race I've ever had but we did manage to find some time in a few spots to have a short battle with a couple of other riders. Once I was able to get by them I was able to open a 6 second gap on them by the end of the race but it wasn't enough to put me in touch with the next group. It was a lonely race, we finished 15th, the points are good for us but I hoped for more and we would have a few things to try in the morning warm up. We learned a few things in Saturdays race and with a better start on Sunday I hoped to get away with some faster guys on the opening laps and improve our position. My start was better on Sunday and I was able to claim two more spots on the second lap. I set my sights on the next group and tried to catch them, but eveytime a made a little progress I'd lose it from a mistake. Race City is a physical track and Sunday it knocked a couple more riders down. We would have to be satisfied with a 14th place.

Thanks to Freedom Cycle for getting everything west and back again. We come away from Calgary with some valuable experience and a few points. We're looking forward to getting home for a few days before heading to Mosport.