Nigel Sapriken Race Report - Raymond, Alberta Nationals

July 4, 2008

Submitted by:  Nigel Sapriken

This year we had finally made it out to the Amateur Nationals in Raymond, Alberta. On the first day I started out in the morning with my supermini moto being first. I had 40th gate pick out of the 40 fastest kids in Western Canada with some coming as far away as Manitoba. When the gate dropped we were off. I didn't get a very good start but I worked my way to a 22nd place finish. Not the result I was after but having only three laps of practice before racing this track for the first time, it was OK.

 After having a moto under my belt I was more confident in my first 12-16 yr 85cc moto. Again due to signing up late I again had a 39th gate pick which turned out not too bad. I got a good start despite the gate pick and rode to a solid 15th place while riding as high as 11th at times.

The second day, both motos were in the later part of the day and I wasn't sure how that would work out but everyone had to ride the same track. First moto was my 12-16 yr 85cc moto with a good gate pick. I had a great start and had worked my way up to 9th but unfortunately I had gotten a bit cross rutted in the upper sand section and fell. I rode hard and made passes to finish a respectable 17th.

In my supermini moto I had crashed in the first corner and by the time I had gotten my bike restarted and levers straight I was 10 seconds behind the second to last place guy. I put my head down and rode that Canadian Kawasaki KX 100 like I have never before. Within 3 laps I had managed to catch and pass 21 guys even the announcer couldn't believe it, I was on fire. After the 3rd lap my front brake assembly clamp broke off from the first corner crash and fell off so my front brake kept on getting caught in my spokes and hitting me in the face so I had to be cautious and I ended up getting 27th.

On the third day the track was real muddy and slippery but groomed for my supermini moto I had a good start and was riding really good in 11th place until I slipped and crashed. My bike was in mud a hole and I had trouble restarting my bike. I lost lots of time and other kids passed me and I ended up getting 33rd. Not what I was after but that's the ways it goes sometimes.

For my last 12-16yr 85cc moto I had gotten a good start and piloted my Canadian Kawasaki, Kal Lake Motorsports KX85 to as high as 11th but with a few small errors ended up getting 17th for the moto.


Overall 12-16yr 85cc .... 18th

Overall Supermini .........33rd


Not the results that I wanted in supermini, sometimes it happens that way but I am happy with the results in the 85cc class since I was racing the fastest kids in Western Canada and most of them for the first time. I think that this race was very important and was a good experience for me. I hope to go and do it again next year.

 I would really like to thank Canadian Kawasaki, Kal lake Motorsports and my family for all your support since I couldn't do it without you.


            See you at the races........Nigel Sapriken~ #22